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Magic / Passion / Purpose & interests

What is your Magic/ Passion/ Purpose?

I love to come up with new visions, whether for business, or in this case, creating a vision for a new way of being.

I’m interested in architecture, especially the more interesting building designs.  I am not a fan of the characterless square boxes that currently churned out by the industry.  A 5 year old could design something better than these.


Our model is to create something that brings investment into the local area, creating jobs and resources that the local community can benefit from also.  Creating a hotel resort, as well as investing in local businesses, will pay for running the community.

Housing topics

Land purchase, Land development, Architecture

Sustainable Systems Topics

Water, Perma-agriculture, Energy, Waste management

Ecosystem topics

Ops/ Logistics / Project Management, Economy / Trade, Governance, Marketing Outreach, Legal Services, Technology Science, Environment / Wildlife, Security

Human experience topics

Personal Development, Spiritual Development, Collective development / Human relations, Education, Health / Wellness

Life Experience

What skills do you have?

Apart from being a visionary & a futurist, I have lots of experience in developing and growing businesses.  I’ve also got lots of experience in property development, & energy generation, as well as turning around various businesses

What kind of projects have you worked on?

Taking a vision & making it come to life

New hotel builds

Renovating hotels

New house builds

Energy generation plants

Mechanical & Electrical building services

Renovating historic buildings

District heating networks

Many business joint ventures



Share about yourself with the community

I’m interested in creating an alternative off-grid, fully self sufficient communities around the world.

Many communities I’ve looked at already, seem to be based around ‘going back to nature’, but I believe that we can live an alternative way of life, without having to get naked & become tree-people, living in mud huts – We just have to think about it from a business point of view.

I don’t like the cold, so living out in the open, wearing a loin cloth, sorry that’s not my thing.  I want some luxuries to live out the rest of my days.

The ideal location, would be a private island, which we can develop, but is large enough to have all the infrastructure on it

My Dream Community


North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Oceania

Other Locations ( if any )

I think it’s important to be somewhere that has the right climate, but also things like low taxes, low government controls, no CBDC’s, low crime rates etc.  I have a list of these countries which I’ve already researched these criteria.  In total, there’s about 8 countries around the world that fit this criteria.


If there was an existing hotel on the site, which perhaps needed help to improve it, or perhaps it was struggling or distressed, and also had land, this would be the ideal project foundation.  This would suit my skillset perfectly

What kind of property agreements are you looking for?

Regenerative Neighborhood Experience (short term – days/months), Mid – Long term rental (months/years), Land purchase (buy my own space), Fractal ownership (Co.purchase a space with others)

What is your living style preference?

Individual house

Intention Of Neighborhood

Permaculture, Education, Environment – wildlife, Entrepreneurship


Co.working space, Activities space, Body of water (pool, lake, river, cenote, ocean), School, Community Garden

How many neighbors would you like to have?

Open to different community sizes

Any other things you are looking for in a regenerative neighborhood?

I’m quite a private person.  I’m not someone that likes to be around loads of people.  Likewise I’m not interested in gathering around the camp fire to sing cum-by-arr.  I keep myself to myself.  I’m normally the person that makes the rules, rather than joining someone elses community, where they tell me what I can or can’t do.  Saying that, I’m not a dictator, and I’m happy to work with others, in creating a governance system that works for everyone.  It’s all trial & error, and the first draft, probably wont be the one that sticks right?  None of us ‘normal folk’ have done any of this before, in terms of living outside of the system, maybe we can learn something from ancient tribes like the aborigines.

Go big or go home is a bit cheesy, but it’s one mindset I live by.  Imagine creating the ultimate community, where you don’t have to compromise for things like not having enough money etc

Many communities I’ve looked at, seem to be ‘running away from’ something.  Why does it have to be that way?  Why do we need to ‘reduce’ our lifestyle.  Why can’t we make the community, like this beautiful destination, something we can imagine in our dreams, heaven on earth.  Wouldn’t that be better.  Working with the right people, things like money don’t need to be such an obstacle to making this happen.

Imagine getting on a plane tomorrow, does your heart sink, to think you’ll be living in a mud hut, the rest of your life, or are you travelling to this mindblowing experience, to paradise.

I’ve learnt that many people in these platforms like to get together & talk about it, but nobody really gets on and does anything about it.  Its all a bit ‘rarr-rarr’, sing cum-by-arr round the camp fire vibe.  I want to around people that are doers, and get things done.  My life is dedicated full time to this now, it’s the only project I’m working on.  I want to be around others that commit to it in equal measure.  If this is your interest or hobby, it probably wont ever happen for you, other priorities will take over your time.  It’s time to commit if you’re serious.

Do you know any regenerative neighborhoods you would like to see on the platform?

Most I’ve seen are only at the idea stage right now, or they don’t include the regenerative element.  I’m happy that someone has created this platform, I’ve been looking for these communities for a while.

There is the Ringing Cedars community (Anastasia Foundation), which is full of people who wish to create communities also, as far as I know none of them have created anything.

How did you find this platform?


Welcome to the tribe of tribes