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Magic / Passion / Purpose & interests

What is your Magic/ Passion/ Purpose?

I am passionate about permaculture and about creating a replicable model of cooperative living – to demonstrate that sustainable human settlements are possible. I love designing and creating. I love planting and harvesting. I love creating teams, motivating groups to take action, and facilitating learning. And I love sharing my passions and helping others. 

Housing topics

Land development

Sustainable Systems Topics

Water, Perma-agriculture, Energy, Waste management

Ecosystem topics

Economy / Trade, Governance, Environment / Wildlife

Human experience topics

Personal Development, Collective development / Human relations, Education, Health / Wellness, Culture Art Events

Life Experience

What skills do you have?

I am a systems thinker and permaculture designer.

I have 25+ years in management, consulting, & teaching/training positions with multinational corporations, NGOs, consulting firms, community organizations, and local governments. This experience from multiple sectors brings a balanced perspective to my work. I’ve been involved the design & implementation of strategic social investment (community development) plans and of systems for managing social impacts and risks of large industrial projects, including strategies for increasing local participation in these projects. I’ve also performed social impact and risk assessment, local content strategy development and implementation, team-building, strategic planning, training & mentoring, & project management. My academic background includes an MA in Sustainable Community Development with a focus on Social Action Training, BA in Business with minors in Economics and Latin American Studies, post-graduate studies in socio-cultural anthropology, a diploma in Cooperativism, and a certificate in Permaculture Design.

What kind of projects have you worked on?

I have worked with natural resource projects; in the timber industry; with cooperatives; in conservation, reforestation, and agro-forestry models in Brazil; in the hydro-electric sector; in community development and institutional capacity building; in the management and assessment of social issues on large-scale natural-resource projects; and have founded and run two companies and an EcoVillage.


Share about yourself with the community

I specialize in supporting the development of strong local economies, designing sustainable solutions, and buliding creative and cooperative teams. My life-project, 8th Life Panama is about strong local economies and supportive, sustainable living environments. The 1st phase of the project was to design and operate a small guest house while looking for land. Hence, Villa Astoria was the springboard and operations center of the 8th Life Panama EcoVillage Project – an intentional community in formation. From 2020 forward the guest house closed commercial operations & became a shared living and working space for medium to long-term stays called Casa Ubuntu. Now I live at the EcoVillage, where I hold Permaculture courses and reforestation brigades and host volunteers working on numerous eco-projects. We’re seeking co-founders!

My Dream Community


Central America

Other Locations ( if any )

I am creating it in Panama.

What kind of property agreements are you looking for?

Regenerative Neighborhood Experience (short term – days/months), Mid – Long term rental (months/years), Land purchase (buy my own space), Fractal ownership (Co.purchase a space with others)

What is your living style preference?

Individual house, housing (Multiple people in one residence)

Intention Of Neighborhood

Human connection, Permaculture, Education, Environment – wildlife, Entrepreneurship


Community shared house, Shared kitchen – dining area, Co.working space, Activities space, Body of water (pool, lake, river, cenote, ocean), School, Community Garden, Art Space, First Aid Space, Maker’s space (workshop)

How many neighbors would you like to have?

Medium – 30-75

Any other things you are looking for in a regenerative neighborhood?

I’m not looking. I’m founding.

Do you know any regenerative neighborhoods you would like to see on the platform?

I’ve just put it up.

How did you find this platform?


Regen Mycellium Network


How can we (8th Life Panama EcoVillage Project) get seen? How can I find that person (or people) who knows how to "market" and get us seen?

Request category

Social, Marketing, Business strategy and ops

Request details

I have put everything I have and everything I am into the 8th Life Panama EcoVillage Project. We have land, basic infrastructure, principles, guidelines and vision. Our website outlines our vision & progress so far. We need PEOPLE to move things to the next level.

I do my best to be active on social media and try to attract people. We have listings in FIC, GEN, NuMundo, and various other platforms as well. I feel like once we’re more visible, people will come. There’s so many people who want to live in community. We just need a few to come and help us keep the forward momentum here.

I’m open to an exchange, depending on what the person needs or wants and it’s within my abilities.

  • Permaculture design support and advice.
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Facilitating personal development
  • Co-counseling / listening
  • Spanish practice
  • Portuguese practice
  • Accountability groups
  • How to convert degraded land into food abundance
  • How to make a house from re-purposed materials


Offer explained
  • Permaculture design support and advice. – I have designed a hostel, several houses, and all the infrastucture and plans for the ecovillage.
  • Strategic planning facilitation – I’ve done this professionally and excel at it.
  • Facilitating personal development –  I’ve done this professionally and excel at it.
  • Co-counseling / listening – I practice this regularly and it’s an amazing way to get centered and grounded.
  • Spanish practice – I’ve lived in Latin America most of my life & am native fluent.
  • Portuguese practice – I lived in Brazil for 6 months and while not native, I am fluent.
  • Accountability groups – I’ve practiced this in the past and it’s a great tool for entrepreneurs and remote workers, even for small, agile teams.
  • How to convert degraded land into food abundance
  • How to make a house from re-purposed materials



I'm looking for people to participate in 8th Life Panama EcoVillage.

Request category

Social, Marketing, Other

Request details

8th Life Panama is an Eco-village Project — this means it’s being formed.  We’re designing our intentional community to provide a social support structure and a low impact lifestyle for its members, residents, volunteers and guests. We envision an intentional rural community where the values and ideals of community, respect, peace, and living an “on-purpose” life will be rediscovered by those who live here.

This is a unique opportunity to design your future in a healthy and supportive environment where we are learning together to live sustainably on our planet. Our land – Finca Nueva Vida – is 21 Hectares of grasslands and forests nestled between a seasonal stream and year-round river (with an amazing waterfall) and it’s 11 km from the nearest town, up in the foothills.  For more information on the finca, see the land.

We aim to provide a socio-cultural support structure as well as a healthy atmosphere for living and working. For community members, fair work, cooperation, and an abundance mindset replace the materialism, competition and scarcity mentality prevalent in today’s world. To achieve this, we are integrating aspects of ecological design, permaculture, ubuntu-contributionism, ecological construction, green production, alternative energies, community building practices, among others.

The initiative will also include a number of eco-business elements, as we aim to spark innovation that supports a stronger local economy and provides alternatives for local people.

We are currently seeking founding members and experienced permaculture volunteers.


We offer the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, supportive and cooperative environment. The opportunity to create your own eco-business using the land as a basis. Possibilities include: eco-tourism, health & wellness retreats, organic produce and much more.

Offer explained

I created a space where these opportunities, and more, abound. It’s up to each of us to find our connection and develop a living from our passion. We aim to exit the capitalist scarcity-based model and simply live and create abundance.

Welcome to the tribe of tribes