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Magic / Passion / Purpose & interests

What is your Magic/ Passion/ Purpose?

To innovate and practice regenerative organic agriculture practices to offer practical solutions to world biggest social and ecological challenges regenerating soil and land that support us. 

Housing topics

Land development

Sustainable Systems Topics

Water, Perma-agriculture, Waste management

Ecosystem topics

Economy / Trade, Governance, Environment / Wildlife

Human experience topics

Personal Development, Spiritual Development, Education, Health / Wellness

Life Experience

What skills do you have?

Gardening, Composting, Growing, Cooking, Educating

What kind of projects have you worked on?

#Growing nutrient dense veggies to deliver to mass catering company serving underprevilage school childrens.

#Farm to Table- Apprentinceship Courses for young aspirng entrepreneurs

#Organizing farm events and more…


Share about yourself with the community

Firfirey Organics is a regenerative organics farm located in Suklagandaki Municipality-12, Tanahun. Being situated in rural village of Tanahun, we believe to bring back the joy in farming small and sustainable, just like Firfirey the small bamboo craft, that bought joy and happiness in our childhood. Firfirey represents the model for circular economy where there is nothing called waste in this farming system and waste of one system is resource for another. Taking natural forest as a perfect model for our farming practice, we follow regenerative agriculture practices to regenerate the degraded soil, ecosystem and society.


My Dream Community



What kind of property agreements are you looking for?

Regenerative Neighborhood Experience (short term – days/months), Mid – Long term rental (months/years)

What is your living style preference?

Individual house

Intention Of Neighborhood,, co.create space., Spiritual development, Permaculture, Education, Entrepreneurship


Shared kitchen – dining area, Co.working space, Temple, Body of water (pool, lake, river, cenote, ocean), School, Community Garden

How many neighbors would you like to have?

Intimate – less than 15

Any other things you are looking for in a regenerative neighborhood?

Learn share and experience regenerative cultures.

Do you know any regenerative neighborhoods you would like to see on the platform?


How did you find this platform?

Online search

Welcome to the tribe of tribes