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Magic / Passion / Purpose & interests

What is your Magic/ Passion/ Purpose?

The synthesis of transforming thought into reality through mental diligence, hard work and willpower. Watching the gears of a system built from the ground up turn smoothly. And the inevitable thrill of solving problems that may arise.

Housing topics

Land development, Architecture

Sustainable Systems Topics

Water, Perma-agriculture, Energy, Waste management

Ecosystem topics

Ops/ Logistics / Project Management, Economy / Trade, Governance, Marketing Outreach, Technology Science, Environment / Wildlife, Security

Human experience topics

Personal Development, Spiritual Development, Collective development / Human relations, Education, Health / Wellness, Culture Art Events

Life Experience

What skills do you have?

Originally I have a background I information and technology. But traded it out later in life to follow my passion of becoming a printer and signman.

I’m also a boat captain and hobby Marine engineer.

Moving from apprentice to owner honed a lot of my organizational and leadership skills. I’m amazing at oversight, management and loss mitigation. This well rounded view on business allows me to see things others may miss while also not only acknowledging their existence but coming up with a plan & executing it to our benefit.

Networking and social maneuving are probably my strongest asset next to managing. The ability to see red flags, pivot around them and still come out on top while the other guy is just getting out of the gate is what made me so successful at what I did.


What kind of projects have you worked on?

Nothing in the sector of co living or community building. Most of my accolades lie with my own personal success in business within my country and the joy of raising a family.


Share about yourself with the community

Im a small business owner and family man looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle focused on family growth, community and spirituality


My Dream Community



Other Locations ( if any )

The Bahamas, Abaco Island

What kind of property agreements are you looking for?

Regenerative Neighborhood Experience (short term – days/months)

What is your living style preference?

Individual house, Individual apartment

Intention Of Neighborhood

Human connection, Spiritual development, Permaculture


Shared kitchen – dining area, Temple, Body of water (pool, lake, river, cenote, ocean), School, Community Garden, First Aid Space, Children's Area, Maker’s space (workshop), Library

How many neighbors would you like to have?

Open to different community sizes

Any other things you are looking for in a regenerative neighborhood?

not really no

Do you know any regenerative neighborhoods you would like to see on the platform?


How did you find this platform?

Online search

Regen Mycellium Network

Request category

Social, Marketing, Business strategy and ops, Technology / Development, Art, Health and wellness

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Offer explained


Request category

Social, Marketing, Business strategy and ops, Technology / Development, Art, Health and wellness

Request details

I’d like to stay in the bahamas. It’s beautiful here

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