My Dream Community


South America

Other Locations ( if any )


What kind of property agreements are you looking for?

Regenerative Neighborhood Experience (short term – days/months)

What is your living style preference?

Individual house, housing (Multiple people in one residence)

Intention Of Neighborhood,, co.create space., Art, Human connection, Permaculture, Education, Environment – wildlife


Community shared house, Shared kitchen – dining area, Co.working space, Activities space, Body of water (pool, lake, river, cenote, ocean), Art Space, Library

How many neighbors would you like to have?

Intimate – less than 15

Any other things you are looking for in a regenerative neighborhood?

facilitate space for artistic, scientific and research residencies.

Realization and organization of future arts festivals.

Do you know any regenerative neighborhoods you would like to see on the platform?


How did you find this platform?

Personal Recommendation

Regen Mycellium Network


Finish the family house (bio construction), ayuda en el huerto agroecologico

Request category


Request details

I am in the process of building my new house and also a volunteer house. I am 40% complete, it is a big house.

I also have an agro-ecological garden but I need to manage it better; I also need to make a greenhouse for the winter and achieve a better self-sustainability.

I offer accommodation and 3 meals a day in exchange for 25 hours a week of collaborative work (normally only during the week, from 9 am to 2 pm).


I am willing to share my knowledge of bioconstruction with the materials here.

The place has 90 hectares of native forest to immerse yourself in nature, with natural pools and waterfalls.

Healthy food, preferably vegetarian.

I can also teach you how to build your own marionette


I can also share many food recipes

and share the didactic methods I apply when I have thematic visits.

Offer explained

i have been living on site for almost 6 years, i know well the soil with which they work. moreover, in these years i have received more than 160 volunteers (workaway, Wwoofing).

In general it has always been a very enriching experience for all parties involved.

and you can feel the love for this project, love is the starting point.


I need help in agroecology, energy management, specific knowledge in bioconstruction.

Request category

Social, Technology / Development, Art

Request details

Everything is in the middle of the road, serving specific hands.

Willing to share a time, an experience, in this territory. A way of life with simplicity, where less is more.


willing to share my budding knowledge, my art, the food and the space.

willing to share part of my life here

Offer explained

As I said before, I have 6 years of experience in this place and 32 years as an actor and puppeteer.

I share both the place and everything possible in the place.

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Magic / Passion / Purpose & interests

What is your Magic/ Passion/ Purpose?

– Native Forest Restoration and conservation

– Environmental education

– permaculture

– bio construction

– art

Housing topics

Land development, Architecture

Sustainable Systems Topics

Water, Perma-agriculture, Energy, Waste management

Ecosystem topics

Ops/ Logistics / Project Management, Governance, Environment / Wildlife

Human experience topics

Personal Development, Collective development / Human relations, Education, Culture Art Events

Life Experience

What skills do you have?

I am an actor by profession, puppeteer, I design and build my scenographies and other things (like my house).

I study and have worked as a lighting technician, sometimes in lighting control and design.

I’m also a certified educative farm operator in Sicily (where for 3 years I participated in the creation and start-up of an educative farm).

native forest management plan operator.

producer of cultural events, book fairs

trainee in permaculture

apprentice in bioconstruction

currently also guardian of a native forest

good cook

always a restless soul 🙂

I move from commitment, love and passion.

I have been reborn several times, or started again, each time adding experiences and gratitude.


What kind of projects have you worked on?

Most of my life to this day I have participated in artistic, cultural and community projects.

The last 15 years I have had experience in projects related to nature, the countryside, farms and their use in environmental education.

and the last 5 years learning permaculture, agroecology, native forest management, bio-construction, etc.

I am a passionate learner


Share about yourself with the community

I have dedicated most of my life to the performing arts, starting at a very young age in high school and professionally since 1991. I have deepened in the art of marionettes since 2010.  Also in scenic design and construction, as well as lighting design. I have also developed as a cultural manager, artistic producer and producer of book fairs and as a technical stage manager of shows.

In 2011 I moved to Sicily, Italy, where I took part in the creation, set up and start up of an educational farm, for this I did a course of educational farm operator and I got certified in 2012.

Then at the beginning of 2015 I returned to Chile.

In 2018 my brother proposed me the idea of carrying out a project together, a project of conservation and restoration of 90 hectares of native forest.

This is how our farm / project Aguamadrina begins.

Aguamadrina is a word invented by us and it means: the spirit that takes care of the water.  By taking care of the forest and the soil we also take care of the water.

In this figure my brother is the economic support and I am the hands; I am the one who lives alone in the place, carrying out all the work that must be done.

Fortunately, since 2019 I have been hosting volunteers on Workaway and other platforms. In these 4 years more than 150 volunteers from all over the world have visited the farm.

Although I do not come from the world of the field or agriculture, these years I have been learning this way, researching, testing, failing, about permaculture, therapeutic forest, agroecology and bioconstruction. I am an apprentice, I love to learn new experiences and share knowledge. I think that one of the keys to live is to never stop learning new things.

Living here, away from everything, in direct contact with nature, enjoying the simple things, with the philosophy of less is more has been undoubtedly a great learning experience, which I am grateful for every day.


Welcome to the tribe of tribes