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    September 14, 2023 at 6:54 am

    Business Operations Manager

    Wildseeds ranch is looking to hire a live in Business Operations Manager! Come help build local and international connections. Creating a new blue print of how people cane live work and thrive.

    This is a clear cut role that is essential to the long term expansion of our vision. The Business Operations assistant manager charged with tracking incoming and outgoing cashflow, tracking goals to actual performance and provides results to buisiness ops manager.

    This is a flexible role so the candidates can grow and design it to their skills. Below is a list of broad needs of the role and specific “minimum tasks” that have to get done. Fill out an application and let us know what attracts you to the role! Attach a resume, we are most interested in community development, philosophy and accomplishments of your history. Not so much professional and corporate achievement.

    Minimum tasks that candidate must consistently accomplish

    •Full balancing of cashflow 2 times a month.

    •Quickbooks Prep

    •Figure out extra spending $ we have for fun project things

    •Help design financial goals.

    •Receive all rents and track all incomes.

    Bring a creative approach to:

    •Making the most of the resources we have.

    •Longterm planning more important then short term gains

    •Shared property ownership

    •Types of properties we can convert next.

    •Building a sense of creative prosperity


    •Must be passionate about sustainability, culture and collaboration

    • Have a deep desire for building a healthy, compassionate and sustainable future

    •Must consistently fulfill commitments in a reasonable time

    •Must have access to a vehicle

    •Must live on-site at WSR

    •Must have an additional source of income outside of the community.


    This is a flexible role allowing for the individual to expand the responsibilities and hours depending on their needs.

    12hours a week is the minimum. At this level all living expenses are covered. Including rent, private bathroom, free access to basic food and staples supplies, access to all ranch tools/events/workshops, utilities included and internet included. (approximately $1200+ value)

    Compensation can be expanded based on agreement to additional responsibilities at a rate of $25-$30/hr depending on experience. The option to earn a shares of the physical real estate is also available. This role starts on a 6 month trial period at which point additional benefits would start, and 1yr until initial ownership status is granted.

    Apply here to learn more:

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