Reply To: Things you can help with for HUGS – a forming Digital Point Program

  • Sonia

    December 28, 2023 at 1:53 pm

    5 HUGS bounty for sharing your pre Agent Program testimony on RT instagram

    Share why you want to train to become a Regenerative Neighborhood Agent in a simple post that we will share on our RT instagram!

    1. Share why you want to join the RT Agent Program in 1-2 sentences in a reply to this discussion
    2. Share a photo of yourself and your instagram name so we can tag you
    3. Receive 5 HUGS for supporting us in promoting the Agent Program!

    We will log your contribution in our Collective Hugs log 🤍

    Example posts from future Agents :

    5 HUGS granted to @Vivo

    5 HUGS granted to @rabbittwhitesun

Welcome to the tribe of tribes