Reply To: Things you can help with for HUGS – a forming Digital Point Program

  • Sonia

    December 6, 2023 at 10:01 pm

    10 HUGS bounty for posting RT Agent promo on your Instagram

    Get 10 Hugs for posting this post on your personal instagram!

    What to do

    1. Post this Agent Program promo post on your personal instagram
    2. Tag @regen.tribe
    3. In caption direct viewers to Regen Tribe’s instagram where they can find
    – RT Agent Program explainer post
    – bio link.tree link that includes RT Agent Program group with all the information & updates
    4. Copy your post’s link and paste it as a reply to this discussion!

    We will log your contribution and reduce 70 usd from the initial course price!

    (10 HUGS = 70 USD off on the course)

    You can either post the included photo below or customize the design to your liking based on this canva design ✨🖌️

Welcome to the tribe of tribes