Reply To: Regen Collective Update – Week 44

  • Deleted User

    November 1, 2023 at 6:42 am


    Haha 2 things came immediately to mind:

    1. Market/Product positioning

    2. How do you justify the value of $HUGS? What is it pegged to/correlated with? A bank account of FIAT$? A parcel of land? There’s always a coupling of BTC/USD & while that’s just the realm/notion of ‘cryptocurrencies/digitized alternative economy’ $HUGS can’t just be based on thin air…

    Cuz then there might not be enough things to liquidate/exchange/redeem it for. What does a $HUG represent? A unit of time that can be exchanged for x?

    I did write you at – that long babble was me….bwahaha just to highlight any potential ungrounded insanity…

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