Reply To: Regen Collective Update – Week 44

  • Oscar Regen Tribe 🔺

    November 1, 2023 at 6:24 am

    Hey A!
    so happy to hear from you!!!!

    yes totally agree the bells and whistles to bring people in and keep them engaged will help a lot :)!

    This current build is letting us test our first features and functions and the flow of information…..

    We are adding suggestions from the community of things they want to see on TRIBES.

    I have been cleaning this list up and will share it publicly!
    We are designing our full stack build with more key features to help grow the Regenerative Neighborhood Movement!
    Check out the Green Paper we are currently editing 🙂

    @RegenJulia put this great description of many of the features and functions you can expect!

    We are seeking tech help TRIBE!!
    If you’d like to join the core team and help design, build, operate the platform with us!
    Write me!!! @oscar

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