Reply To: Regen Collective Update – Week 44

  • Vivo

    October 31, 2023 at 3:08 am

    Yay, some Monday inspirationnn, fueling the energy 🔥 Thanks for keeping us in the loop! About to onboard another project to the platform, hehe.

    About onboarding new tribe members, there’s so many people joining but most don’t fill in their profile still. I suppose because it takes “too long” to fill to 100%. Maybe highlighting 1-3 aspects would help so members take a couple minutes to add some (ideally the most significant) info right away.

    I saw some welcome-comments, I think from @oscarregen11 suggesting to start with the dream community.

    Considering starting a discussion in the welcome group asking newbies directly what’s keeping them from filling it in/what they’d need to do so right away…?

    Recording a short intro video (so it’s actually gonna be watched) also crossed my mind.

    Just brain-dumping here, happy Tuesday everyone 💮

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