Reply To: Regen Tribe Update & Join the Collective Tueday 2pm calls

  • Sonia

    April 25, 2023 at 7:03 pm

    RT as a whole

    Welcome to Regen Tribe

    • We are a collective of community co.creators

    • Creating tools, compiling education material, and offering direct services to empower the REgenerative neighborhood movement.

    • A regenerative neighborhood is – sustainable + intentional community land development

    • We started as a non profit building a digital community of plastic waste solution organizations.

    • This brought us to mexico and our first land project – an eco hotel we branded and launched as a regenerative neighborhood.

    • 8 months, 15 community members, 2 investors, and sustainable systems later – we

    • SHOW Time line

    • How we have organized – share the departments

    • Go through each department

    • RT Departaments

    Digital Platform – Tribes

    Real Estate
    Agency / Land Development

    Marketing, Outreach, Events & Immersions

    1. <b role=”presentation”>Marketing & Outreach
    2. <b role=”presentation”>Events & Immersions

Welcome to the tribe of tribes