Regen Tribe Update & Join the Collective – Call #8

  • Regen Tribe Update & Join the Collective – Call #8

    Posted by Sonia on June 13, 2023 at 4:50 pm

    Call #8

    Guests : Tavia
    Instagram live participants

    Team : Oscar, Julia, Sonia, Nicole

    Regen Tribe Join The Collective notion board

    1. Welcome time – introductions
    1. introducing ourselves

    1. Regen Tribe – Collective of community co.creators

  • Meet the Collective

    1. Regen Tribe Collective members sharing how they got involved and what they are focused on as well as sharing other projects they are working on

    1. Regen Tribe High Level

    Our Why? – To regenerate the planet through community Our How? – Build and grow 53 0000000 regenerative neighborhoods Our What?

    Regen Tribe Departaments Breakdown

    Sharing screen of our miro board

    1. Tribes Platform
    1. A social-networking platform the global regenerative neighborhood movement connects

    2. We are in Beta – inviting our circle to join as users and co.crrate Tribes with us!
      We are constantly working on improving functionality and adding new features.

  • BioZones

    1. Campaign that connects neighborhoods locally to create research bases, regional network of support and promote resources sharing.

  • Catalyzer
    1. Education department of Regen Tribe that provides community and containers where we share resources and co.creating a Community Alchemy Guide – playbook breaking down the neighborhood creation process from idea to execution.

  • Agency
    1. strategic consulting for community co.creation serviced by a growing network of regenerative service providers

  • Real Estate & Land Development
    1. Regenerative Neighborhood Land sales
      We launched our Regenerative Lifestyle Real Estate Guide and are sharing it with our network.
      Inviting real estate brokers that want to get involved in more regenerative development sales to join the Collective

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