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  • Nicole

    November 16, 2023 at 8:10 am

    Check out this grant we just submitted to Gitcoin Grants Round 19!

    We are in the climate solutions group. When the grant is live, we would really appreciate any donation, because it is match by the quadratic funding mechanisms. Even $1 makes a difference, because the grants reward more individual contributions than large single donations (although, since it is matched funds, please donate what you can)


    Our mission is to regenerate society and the planet through community

    The Regen Tribe( collective is a regenerative neighborhood accelerator. We have built an ecosystem for these fully sustainable and self-sufficient communities to succeed.

    Regenerative neighborhoods (RNs) provide climate resilient solutions for all the universal base needs: food, water, shelter, energy, waste management, and a prosocial human experience. These community land developments are redesigning society from village scale (20-200 people) to micronation and coordi-nation scale (10,000-50,000+).

    Our collective model allows us to connect the people, projects, orgs, service providers, and resource owners to connect and collaborate to create these climate-positive spaces.

    The Regen Tribe Ecosystem

    We operate at the intersection of community, technology, and nature, with a multi-faceted approach to drive positive change for our ecosystem and global multi-species community. Here are our 3 main initiatives:

    1. The Global Network – Tribes:

    Tribes( is a social networking platform that connects the people, projects, and resources it takes to build more regenerative neighborhoods globally.

    2. Education – Community Catalyzer

    Our Community Catalyzer( is an open source education and research initiative that collects, synthesizes, and shares resources.

    3. Support – The RT Agency:

    We directly support projects to design, build, and operate these regenerative communities.

    What We Have Done So Far

    – Built and launched a prototype platform of Tribes with 365+ user base

    – Partnered with 16 different community land projects

    – Raised 220k USD to date for partner projects to install sustainable infrastructure

    – Since 2022 collaboratively produced 11 workshop series and conferences in Mexico and Europe

    – Curated the open source [Community Alchemy Guide](

    – Allocating $3.5k in funds to pay Ugandan refugees to learn how to grow their own food using permaculture gardens

    What we offer to web3 and climate solutions

    We are a crypto-sponsored open collective that is using decentralized and polyorganizational ( techniques to create more regenerative neighborhoods that directly reduce GHG emissions.

    All of our knowledge and tools are open-source and distributed freely to community members through our educational materials.

    We are developing a model for radical collaboration. Working with existing projects rather than starting from scratch or focusing on our own land project, we can act as an accelerator that enables multiple regenerative neighborhoods to establish and thrive, which will help people access a holistically sustainable lifestyle and reduce their emissions dramatically now.

    The Regen Tribe collective is structured as a DAO piloting the Hypha network and we leverage web3 tools to support commons building and land regeneration. We build easy access to equity in these projects, making them available to a wider public.

    – Read our Vision Document (

    – See our analysis of data ( for the impact that regenerative neighborhoods have on GHG emissions and more.

    What Your Funds will Support

    Currently, we are designing the full stack custom version of the Tribes platform and exploring its presence on a web3 backend like

    Features include:

    🔍 Detailed neighborhood profiles

    📚 An open source library of resources (The Hive)

    👩🏽‍🏫 Curated and crowdsourced educational content (The Catalyzer)

    👏 Social interactions and dynamic profiles for individuals and orgs

    💫 Offers and needs exchange

    🌐 Biozones network and coordination of collective resources

    🤝 Smart matching between users and communities

    🫂 $HUGS token rewards for populating the platform with content

    We are developing integrations with our AI projects such as Myconet ( and our language model for teaching regenerative neighborhood building, which will enhance user experience and the process of community building through universally accessible, intelligently organized resources.

    Funding accelerates our journey toward a fully decentralized, community-driven platform for thriving regenerative neighborhoods.

    Where We Are Going

    We originally started as a nonprofit for plastic waste reduction that has evolved into a collective that connects and supports regenerative neighborhoods.

    In the next year we are:

    1. Co-creating a community-owned fund for investment in these next-generation communities.

    2. Developing a framework for a regenerative network state/coordi-nation in collaboration with multiple partner orgs

    3. Training a distributed group of agents and verified service providers to offer end-to-end consulting for community creation, from physical infrastructure to human-centric community building, governance design, strategic marketing, and more.

    We have the audacious goal of building (or rebuilding) 53 million of these future-approved spaces, and want everyone to be able to find home in these communities.

    Thank you in advance for your support! Every single donation, no matter how small, makes a huge difference for growing the regenerative neighborhood movement.

Welcome to the tribe of tribes