Reply To: $Hugs – Phase 1 🎬 – Help us design a co.creation tracking economy.

  • Sonia

    November 2, 2023 at 10:16 am

    Good point
    The tasks will be are assessed for an average time (usually more than enough) so that it’s more connected to activity than time really.

    For example onboarding a project to the platform by an ambassador is estimated to take 1 hour and if you take 30 minutes because you;re efficent or 2 hours because you’re taking your time – you still get 1 hug

    And so for Oscar’s calculation of 40h per week which is a full time job we set goals that respond to expectations for a full time contributor – can be done in 20 and it’s still 40 hugs.

    These are all great discussions since we’re brainstorming now how to structure the system so it’s fair and easily trackable – this method requires pre-calculations on estimate time and value of a task.

    Sometime we might have a high priority task that we are giving away 2x Hug$ for since it’s of bigger value for the moment.

    Very open to make adjustments and additions based on everybody’s opinions and experience with time banking and alternative economy models!

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