Community Intranet Softwares

  • Community Intranet Softwares

    Posted by Nicole on November 12, 2023 at 12:44 pm

    Start a community Intranet

    Hopefully we’ve been using off-grid energy sources as we build the other components. To continue to reduce grid dependency, the community should build up its own local network and self-hosted components to keep critical functions online even if the grid falls or shuts us out.

    • Revillager for internal community management and communication

    • VaultWarden to help keep everyone’s digital identity secure

    • Git server for hosting governance repositories and other projects

    • MailInABox for hosting an email server

    • RocketChat server for real-time communication

    • Mastadon server for staying connected to outside perspectives

    • Jellyfin Media Server for education and entertainment

    • NextCloud for files that don’t belong in Git or Jellyfin

    • Metabase to track and share important data about the community

    • Containerization and management tools like Portainer, MeshCentral, Uptime Kuma

    • HomeAssistant for monitoring for visual security or any IOT devices

    • OpenSprinkler for irrigation automation

    And the list goes on. The possibilities are amazing. There is so much Open Source Software out there that is easy to host yourself to empower your community. In the spirit of solar punk, we truly can keep all of the benefits of technology and let go of the aspects that do not serve us.


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