Reply To: Are DAOs really worth the fuss?

  • Deleted User

    July 8, 2023 at 8:53 am

    Imo, DAOs don’t work for everyone/every type of being.

    It’s just another way to organize, record, share rewards, compensate etc.

    Village tribes also have their own hierarchies or value-system(s), jungle natives have their shamans, etc.

    I personally find it somewhat inefficient if there’s too many people involved, can be long-winded (like me, when I’m on a roll??? )… It’s like a dilution of power & expertise if not correctly setup.

    A startup would have a different co-ordination to another startup &/or mere community outings based on leisure, recreation, interest. So the DAO rules would be setup differently.

    Imo the people who make too much of a big deal about them have (internally felt, might be conscious or not) issues with ‘power balance’… Hence a need to try & experiment with different configurations.

    Someone(s) would need to start the DAO. Then it would need maintenance & momentum… Just like with anything else. It just depends who values what & rewards based on the criteria that suits the (initial/future) DAO members.

    How’s this different from being a startup co/founder & product-market fit? Idk. 😆🤷

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