Reply To: Easiest ways to harvest free energy off the grid

  • Deleted User

    January 7, 2024 at 10:59 am


    “no” to living in a greenhouse haha!

    while most people seem to enjoy blasting air-conditioning or huge fans, my main consumptions of electricity (gas) are:

    * for electronic tools & communications (laptop & wireless mouse/keyboard, smartphone, ebike, LED flashlight/cycling light, wireless earbuds, hairclippers, wifi, cooking & boiling potable water)

    * lights & cooling (5V LED strips can do A LOT especially with IR remote control, 5V USB fan, 5V USB pocket ionizer)

    that’s about all of it. occasionally i turn on the 60W overhead lights when i need really good lighting.

    i kinda like the design of Indonesia Berugaks – they probably can be fleshed out to be ‘extravagantly luxurious’ yet still economical?

    Also photochromic material for certain portions of roofs/windows might be a nice idea. Hm.

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