Reply To: Softwares and Tech for Alternative Economy

  • Jacob

    November 21, 2023 at 9:57 am

    Sort of. What I dream of is even simpler than barter and IOUs. There is no record keeping in a “me today, you tomorrow” system. Possibly also called a Gift Economy? The community freely exchanges goods and services to make sure everyone in the community is cared for.

    For example, say the chicken farmer hurts their arm while working on an improvement to the chicken coop. The massage therapist and herbalist work together to mend their arm because they care about not only the person in their community, but the eggs and chicken that freely flow into the community from the work they do.

    But yes, as much as I wish it could be that simple, it starts to fall apart at scale. You get “free loaders” who don’t contribute their share, and luxury goods / higher order services can go unrecognized. And then there’s the fact that a single community in which that Gift Economy could be established will never truly be self-sufficient, so you’ll need some way to also exchange outside of that economy anyways.

    Yeah… humans make it tricky. I suppose there’s a reason we developed currency. 😅

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