Reply To: Creating Your Own Holidays

  • Nicole

    August 8, 2023 at 9:40 am

    We create our own holidays. Validation Day is a distant relative of Valentine’s Day, minus the commercialism. For the month leading up to Validation Day, we are all busy making cards for everyone on the island, usually collages made from any of the dozens magazines we subscribe to, with lots of blank space inside. This blank space is filled with short messages of appreciation and affection from as many members of the community as feel inspired. It is in effect a single love letter with many authors. On Validation Day itself we have a big festive dinner and everyone grows misty-eyed reading their letters for the first time. Several people i know save their past Validation Day cards as a tonic for mild depression. Land Day celebrates and commemorates our founding, and several pagan holidays are popular and theatrically adorned.

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