Reply To: Tools to help the Network State movement grow

  • cassie

    January 17, 2024 at 6:46 pm

    The whole movement should lean into the excitement and interest around pop-up cities. IMO they’re the fastest growing on-ramp to network states.

    In the pop-up city space what’s needed is practical solutions that:
    A) make it easier to start and grow pop-up cities (right now the operating ‘tech stack’ is a mish-mash of Google sheets, docs and forms, telegram groups, and other such things bolted together) and
    B) improve the quality of the experience delivered on-ground, so residents become advocates and are excited to attend more cities. A small but reliable fraction will also go on to found their own cities which maintain social relationships to the first, becoming natural nodes in a network.

    The exciting thing for myself as a founder of tooling that helps pop-up city organizers is that getting to A actually makes B easier. It reduces the burden on organizers so they can focus more on overall experience design and delivery and less on micro-txs that resemble customer service for city residents.

    Networks states become powerful when it becomes the way a lot of people want to imagine living. This screenshot shows the 10X increase in Google searches for “digital nomad” over the last 10 years – we could see something similar emerge for network states.

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