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    May 28, 2024 at 12:33 pm

    Week 21

    Monday, 5/20

    We started the week with a check-in, setting our weekly goals: building more benches to make the fire and community room more comfy, sealing cabins, planning events, preparing soil beds, setting up an irrigation system, and making more compost boxes. After a productive co-working session, we prepped lunch ourselves since our kitchen lead had the day off. A quick town run took care of recycling, laundry, and supplies. Alvaro built an awesome bench! Dinner was a delicious Chinese fusion meal, followed by relaxed hangouts.

    Tuesday, 5/21

    A quick events check-in kicked off the day. The second kitchen sink Wisdom installed was up and running! It was Humadol day, with the first stages of moving rocks and prepping soil. Humadols are manufactured wet lands that function as bio filters, cleaning the water before it returns to the soil and eventually the ground water. We had another co-working session before lunch, then took a refreshing trip to the cenote next door. A relationship we’ve been fostering more for better local coherence and community feels beyond CLX. After a final co-working session, we wrapped up the day with dinner.

    Wednesday, 5/22

    Wednesday began with a check-in as Wisdom left the community. We set the bed foundation using sticks and leaves to prevent soil erosion, then mixed soil from the jungle with compost and watered it. A community outing to the Muyil ruins with Steve and Kerri added some adventure. Later, CLX legend Will returned for the 3rd time.

    Thursday, 5/23

    We focused on the humadol, moving vital soil to the agroforestry installation and evening out the water flow surface. Town runs included picking up laundry, wood, and taking Mama cat to the vet. We built a second human compost box and moved it to its spot. Steve and Kerri stayed overnight, and we installed an extra hose for the irrigation system. Gabi and her partner visited, ending the day with a community hot and cold plunge.

    Friday, 5/24

    We finished painting the new recycling station boxes and had a co-working session. Lunch was delicious, and making our first round of biodegradable soap marked a productive day.

    Saturday, 5/25

    The new recycling station was set up, and we prepped the space for visitors. Gabi and her partner hosted an open prayer, with many guests flowing through and enjoying the community space, hot and cold plunge and of course our Kundalini Jungle Kitchen’s delicious vegan dinner.

    Sunday, 5/26

    Sunday was a chill day with some co-working and kitchen hangouts. We said goodbye to Eva and Tao, as they’re heading to France. We went on a town run, and searched for Mama cat in the jungle, as she had run off after the vet. The day ended with winding down and dinner.

    Reading through our week, which part about community life sounds most appealing to you?

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