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    May 28, 2024 at 12:17 pm

    Week 20: Another Glimpse into our community life

    Monday, 5/13 We kicked off the week with our usual Monday morning check-in, welcoming new community members, and creating some digital content for our onboarding process. After tackling our chores, we dove into a co-working session, then enjoyed a lunch break. A town run followed by more co-working kept us busy. As the day wound down, we prepped firewood and moved rocks for our upcoming PermaCulture Party (PCP). We shared dinner and, you guessed it, did more co-working.

    Tuesday, 5/14 Joel led us in a morning movement session, setting a positive tone for the day. Kitchen hangouts and daily tasks kept us occupied before our events meeting and agent training session (steps 4-6). Another co-working session took place, followed by a trip to the vet with our cats. We ended the day with a refreshing hot and cold plunge and a hearty dinner.

    Wednesday, 5/15 We tackled our daily tasks before our midweek check-in. Agent training continued with step 7, and we dedicated time to co-working and some DIY repairs, fixing a cabin fence and door. Dinner was followed by a relaxing hangout in the shala.

    Thursday, 5/16 Daily tasks were completed alongside a maintenance check-in, which included a checklist for Alvaro, our maintenance lead and an inventory of items needing repair. With our kitchen lead off for the day, we handled lunch prep ourselves. The afternoon was filled with co-working, prepping and eating dinner, and ended with a community night out.

    Friday, 5/17 Friday was all about fixing things: wooden benches, doors, and fences. After some co-working, we headed to town to get paint and supplies for installing a second kitchen sink. The day also involved preparations for Sunday’s PCP, with more co-working wrapping things up.

    Saturday, 5/18 Mama, one of our rescue cats, went to the vet for parasite treatment. The day included a lunch break, a town run, and continued preparations for our Agroforestry PermaCulture Party. We ended the night with a special fire in honor of Michael’s last evening with us.

    Sunday, 5/19 Sunday was a busy yet open day, dedicated to our PermaCulture Party V.2. In preparation for our Agroforestry 1.1 we installed grounding, which involved:

    • Moving rocks to build a raised bed wall
    • Clearing large logs and stones
    • Gathering and breaking sticks into equal pieces

    At the PCP, we:

    • Layered sticks and leaves to prevent soil erosion
    • Stomped each layer to flatten the bed
    • Added soil and compost, then watered everything

    After lunch, we enjoyed hot and cold baths, a sauna session, and dinner. The day concluded with a Tao-friendly movie night, watching “Soul.”

    When have you last tended your garden?

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