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    May 6, 2024 at 4:06 pm

    Week 18 Recap

    Monday, 29th April: Our week started with purpose as we gathered for our Monday morning meeting, aligning our goals for the days ahead. After a productive session of organization and heart space holding, we enjoyed a laid-back lunch and tended to our shared chores and garden. The day concluded with our favorite community activity, a shared dinner.

    Tuesday, 30th April: On Tuesday, we dove deep into the essence of our community, refining our culture canvas and discussing governance and agreements. From brainstorming sessions to signing agreements, we worked to make our community’s invisible structures visible. The day ended with a relaxed evening in the Shala, and of course, dinner.

    Wednesday, 1st May: Midweek brought us together over delightful morning treats and focused content creation. With bellies full and creativity flowing, we tackled daily tasks, co.worked and ended the day with an inspiring entrepreneur circle, fueling our ambitions.

    Thursday, 2nd May: Despite a temporary electricity hiccup, we navigated through discussions on community layout and business models, ensuring our vision remained clear. Balancing work with chores and errands, we went to town in search for internet and found it in a cafe where we stayed for some co.working. Embracing flexibility and collaboration, we wrapped up the day with a sense of accomplishment (and delicious dinner).

    Friday, 3rd May: Friday started with our weeks check-out meeting. Co.working, daily chores and maintenance, like fixing one of the fences were on the menu. Karim came to visit, and we ended the day with another shared dinner.

    Saturday, 4th May: Saturday was dedicated to our little ones, as we engaged in playful activities and educational sessions. The kids had a Temazcal, cacao masks, and were introduced to our sustainable systems, like the compost and our Hügel culture. A town run had to be made and we got some vegan tamales in town.

    Sunday, 5th May: As the week drew to a close, we found moments of tranquility amidst work preparations. Our hot and cold plunges were prepared and after we gathered for meals and dancing under the stars, celebrating another week of community life and community building.

    What’s one heartwarming moment from this week that highlighted the essence of our community for you and what would you like to cultivate in your own?

    Visible representation of this week will follow, stay tuned!

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