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    April 23, 2024 at 5:14 pm

    Week 16

    15/4 – Monday

    • Cats to vet

    • Light check in

    • Open day reflections

    • Agent training scheduling

    • 2 possible kitchen leads came to check out the community and kitchen

    • Post PermaCulture Party, planting more native plants to attract pollinators

    • Family errands run -> pick up laundry, refill water, ice cream

    16/4 – Tuesday

    • Alex’ last day

    • Morning yoga

    • Morning check in

    • Possible kitchen lead couple stopped by again

    • Co.working sesh in the shala

    • Post PermaCulture Party, planting 2 of the 4 remaining plants and watering them good

    • Pasta Night

    • watching an episode of Ancient Civilizations on the concept of zero energy in ancient Egypt

    • Getting sucked into the new age National Geographic short video vortex on Youtube

    17/4 – Wednesday

    • Alex getting dropped off at the Ado stop

    • sesh

    • Town run to print signage, membercards, get laundry, look for a scooter

    • David, Ev, Tao + 2 dogs, and Good Will arrived

    • 4-7pm Capoeira/ Acro Yoga

    • First community dinner prepped by David

    • Delicious desert

    18/4 – Thursday

    • Morning check in

    • Community morning ice bath

    • Updating weekly schedule

    • Online order for community open day

    • sesh

    19/4 – friday

    • Prepared another morning cold bath

    • Cleaned the dining room

    • Morning cacao and breathwork/meditation with community members in the shala

    • Cem fractures his foot

    • Hospital and errands open day on sunday, eg. picking up the order

    • Cleaned the shala and raked some paths

    • Naomie visits

    • Community dinner & hangout

    20/4 Saturday

    • Morning check-in the shala w/ cacao

    • Covered recurring tasks -> make a weekly schedule

    • Checking up on kitties, sending belly pic to vet

    • Goodwill and Flo built the compost crate and clean the common dry toilets

    • Delicious dinner

    21/4 Sunday

    • Prep for open day volunteers

    • 12.15pm Alicia and Gabriela arrive

    • 12.45pm – 3pm open day prep

    • Hot and cold baths

    • Delicious dinner, desert and beautiful ecstatic dance

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