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  • Vivo

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    April 16, 2024 at 1:49 pm

    Week 14

    1/4 Mo

    • Monday morning check in at 10am

    β†’ how do we feel?

    β†’ what needs to be done this week?

    β†’ make signage

    β†’ organize and label sheet shelf

    β†’ set up co.working

    β†’ set up lounge

    β†’ recurring tasks

    β†’ who takes the lead for what?

    β†’ community event planned for upcoming sunday

    • First workshop building on the Agent Training some residents completed in Jan/Feb

    β†’ assessing where a project is at, gathering all their documentation

    • Daily tasks and

    2/4 Tu

    • Morning meeting

    β†’ events and continuing the workshop, eg. organizing the weekly schedule

    • Went to town to do/

    β†’ laundry

    β†’ (grocery) shopping

    β†’ pallets for composting and making the fire pit comfy

    • Community dinner

    • Nicole’s last night so we gathered for a stretching and appreciation circle and cuddle puddle

    3/4 Wed

    • Wednesday check in
      β†’ how’s everyone following up on their tasks? Where do we need support?
      β†’ continuation of the workshop

    • Daily tasks

    • sesh

    4/4 – Thu

    • Cleaned fire area

    • Camp prep for Kuyabeh team visit

    5/4 – Fri

    • Fire at the camp

    • Socialized in tulum

    6/4 – Sa

    • Fire follow up prevention

    • Group cooking

    7/4 – Sunday

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