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    April 16, 2024 at 1:24 pm

    Week 13

    March 25 Mo

    • At night (full moon night lol) the power went out until later the next morning. Organizing around that we took measures (e.g. signage to keep the fridges closed and the food in it cool) to prevent collateral damage.

    • Another ride to town to pick up laundry and attend/support with Sun Nation’s event at Radio Tulum.

    March 26 Tu

    • At 9am we started preparing the space for the event Sun Nation was hosting at CLX, raking the common areas, cleaning the shala, and common dry toilets, some helping with the pancakes we planned to offer to guests at 11am..

    • 12-12.30 people started arriving.

    • 13-14 pancakes and mingle

    • After we cleaned up, worked/attended Regen Week events.

    • In the evening we had a fire with one of the Arhuaco elders, sharing wisdom from the heart of the world.

    March 27 Wed

    • Attended Camara’s amazing Masterminding Eden presentation @ Radio Tulum

    March 28 Thu

    • Community Lab Open Day

    • Prepping the event in the morning

    → raking

    → cleaning the shala

    → dining area

    → dry toilets

    → sacred sweat wood

    → hot and cold plunge warming and cooling

    • Hot and cold plunge

    • Sacred sweat

    • Lunch

    • Radical collab sharing circle

    • Cacao ceremony and tantric (?) dance

    March 29 Fri

    • Community Conference @Gardenia

    • Kuyabeh land tour

    March 30 Sa

    • Recycling run

    • Alex first ever PermaCultureParty @ Pura Tulum

    • Street Tacos for shared dinner, then ice cream for dessert

    • Stretching in the shala and gathering around the fire to end the night

    March 31 Su

    • girls had a girls day

    • Camara visited and possible stewardships were discussed

    • Boys started the jungle gym

    • Prepared and shared a community dinner

    • Possible summer guardians visited and stayed for dinner

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