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    Week 12

    March 18 Mon

    • We kicked off the week with our first community meeting. Yesterday, in just one day our community doubled in size, so it’s important to assign the different roles and responsibilities now, to stay organized.

    • We organized two Biltzes, one to deep-clean the kitchen and the second to start raking the paths.

    • In the morning meeting Camera had voiced that due to her personal workload she wouldn’t be able to participate in the community as she would have liked to, and decided to stay in town for that time to focus on her stuff.

    • Dropping her off in town some errands were ran, eg. buying some tools to fix the dorm beds.

    • Some of us left in the evening to get different things done, the rest of us shared home cooked dinner.

    March 19 Tue

    • Started out with a dry toilet & raking blitz. We’re realizing raking is a lot for two people, and going to be continued tomorrow. It’s also been topic of discussion to outsource this task as it’s very time-consuming.

    • Midday co.working sesh in the dining area.

    • Kelseyfaith and Co. Sun Nation, and the Arhuaco left to find a special (Pagamiento) site to make a spiritual payment.

    • Ari, one of our kitchen leads arrived.

    • Oscar left to pick up Micheal and whoever wanted to, went to a Cenote close by together and enjoyed a couple hours swimming, snorkeling and catching up with old and new friends.

    • In the late afternoon we made our way into town, going to the gym, running errands, and enjoying the salsa night at one of the venues, food truck food and again conversation with friends, old and new.

    • Getting home we gathered in the kitchen planning the day ahead before heading to bed.

    March 20 Wed

    • Wednesdays start with Wednesday’s Check Ins. We check how everyone’s been doing with their assigned roles and tasks. This morning we also made a list with things we need done by today and got after it.

    • Oscar and Elliot moved mattresses so Sonia and Vivo could get more rooms ready, Alex and Cembo continued (and finished!!!) raking all paths, Ari started organizing the kitchen.

    • We shared a delicious lunch Ari prepared and Focus, our other Kitchen lead arrived, ready to be onboarded.

    • Oscar and Elliot headed out to run some errands in town, buy more pans to be able to cook for all the people we’d be (receiving) during Regen Week, buy wood to fix dorm beds etc.

    • Other’s continued with today’s checklist and/or co.worked on other/personal projects.

    • Two friends came to visit.

    • Another co.working afternoon/evening session.

    March 21 Thu

    • Morning sesh

    • Sun nation mission

    • Regen week kick off @radio tulum, talks and movie

    March 22 Fri

    • 9am meeting (picture of agenda)

    • Elliot & focus shop for kitchen

    • Co.working sesh

    • Lunch prep & communal lunch

    • Cleaning the Shala

    • Family outing to “regenerative frameworks”

    March 23 Sa

    • Organizing & filling the kitchen w/ new stuff

    • Everyone v much enjoying the dates

    • Setting up more lights to light up the paths @ night

    • Collectively dropping off dirty laundry

    • Tribalize, co.creating a work shop alongside Sam love

    • Vegan dinner and fire music circle @ixchel

    March 24 Su

    • A bunch of us went to town to do Tribalize and catch/fill the shuttles leaving to Green Dream for a Regenerative Development Land Tour, enjoying snacks, a cenote and closing with a relaxing Sound Journey.

    • Arriving at home we collectively prepared a late community dinner.

    • The full moon happened on 03/25, around 3am, so we gathered around the sacred fire birthing one of the community rituals, singing songs and sharing in accordance with the moon cycle, learning and connecting more deeply with community members.

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