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    April 16, 2024 at 1:16 pm

    Week 11 – arriving in Tulum

    March 11 Monday – Miami goodbyes.

    March 12 Tuesday

    • Oscar Sonia arrive

    March 13 Wednesday

    • Elliot arrives

    March 14 Thursday

    • Vivo arrives

    March 15 Friday

    • Sonia, Oscar and Vivo started the day with a co.working session in the jungle dining space. Everyone got some work done and enjoyed a light breakfast, prepared in our communal kitchen, if they felt like it.

    • Meanwhile our Community Manager Elliot spent the day exploring a community led event in the Tulum area by our dear friend @Carmen.

    • Last year Oscar and Sonia left some things at Ixchel, a community where they hosted their last Community Lab, so we went to pick those up in the afternoon.
      After spending some time chatting and catching up with the owner Vivo got to experience some parts of the site, like the beautiful Cenote and the inviting community kitchen with its cozy atmosphere. We’re gonna be going back to do a whole land tour once Regen Week comes around.

    • Because it was already quite late when we headed back we stopped at the food truck street in Tulumand indulged in some delicious vegan dinner, tacos, sushi, tortas and crepe for dessert where on the menu.

    • We ended the day hanging out in the dining room, reflecting and planning for the day ahead.

    March 16 Saturday

    • As it was the first day of the weekend we started the day a bit slower/later, again with a co.working sesh.

    • Several people were going to arrive the following day so we took inventory of the rooms, checking beds, electricity etc.

    • We continued jotting down tasks that will have to be done over the next days, eg. fixing the vision protection for some of the cabanas. The todo list will be made available to everyone arriving looking to actively contribute to the community.

    • As the project was rather uninhabited before, we’re lacking a lot of kitchen tools and other things that we’re taking note off, so that we can buy them in time.

    • Later we welcomed a visitor, Lorenza, looking to live and create in community. Oscar showed her around and discussed some possible collaborations with her. She might start teaching yoga and some workshops here at our event Shala.

    • As the day went on we were discussing different leadership roles that will be necessary to run the community.

    • Lorenza decided to stay the night so we prepared our first community dinnerrrr, which turned out super tasty.

    March 17 Sun

    • In the morning to prepare for our new members arriving we set up 2 more rooms for them to come home to.

    • Shortly after, Jessy and Chris, 2 guests that had come to the space for a ceremony kinda fell in love with the place. After Vivo had given them a tour they hung out for a bit and left considering coming back to live at the community mid to long-term later this summer. We’re in touch to stay up to date with one another.

    • Cembo and later Camera, Alex +2 friends arrived. The ones staying were shown to their rooms and everyone got a tour.

    • Then it was time for community dinner #2.

    • Due to a change of plans we had 6 more people arrive 5 days earlier than expected. We teamed up to get the beds needed ready, welcomed them and ended the night around our first community fire that Cembo had prepared earlier on.

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