Community Lab X – Weekly update

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  • Community Lab X – Weekly update

    Posted by Oscar Regen Tribe 🔺 on April 3, 2024 at 10:09 am

    Welcome to Community Lab X Tulum.

    A space to learn community by living community.

    We are turning an abandoned retreat center into a prototype regenerative neighborhood.

    A communiity of community co.creators are sharing the operational responsibilities to form, live in, and share a succesful community with Tulum and the world!

    Join the journey 🙂

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  • Vivo

    Page admin
    April 16, 2024 at 1:16 pm

    Week 11 – arriving in Tulum

    March 11 Monday – Miami goodbyes.

    March 12 Tuesday

    • Oscar Sonia arrive

    March 13 Wednesday

    • Elliot arrives

    March 14 Thursday

    • Vivo arrives

    March 15 Friday

    • Sonia, Oscar and Vivo started the day with a co.working session in the jungle dining space. Everyone got some work done and enjoyed a light breakfast, prepared in our communal kitchen, if they felt like it.

    • Meanwhile our Community Manager Elliot spent the day exploring a community led event in the Tulum area by our dear friend @Carmen.

    • Last year Oscar and Sonia left some things at Ixchel, a community where they hosted their last Community Lab, so we went to pick those up in the afternoon.
      After spending some time chatting and catching up with the owner Vivo got to experience some parts of the site, like the beautiful Cenote and the inviting community kitchen with its cozy atmosphere. We’re gonna be going back to do a whole land tour once Regen Week comes around.

    • Because it was already quite late when we headed back we stopped at the food truck street in Tulumand indulged in some delicious vegan dinner, tacos, sushi, tortas and crepe for dessert where on the menu.

    • We ended the day hanging out in the dining room, reflecting and planning for the day ahead.

    March 16 Saturday

    • As it was the first day of the weekend we started the day a bit slower/later, again with a co.working sesh.

    • Several people were going to arrive the following day so we took inventory of the rooms, checking beds, electricity etc.

    • We continued jotting down tasks that will have to be done over the next days, eg. fixing the vision protection for some of the cabanas. The todo list will be made available to everyone arriving looking to actively contribute to the community.

    • As the project was rather uninhabited before, we’re lacking a lot of kitchen tools and other things that we’re taking note off, so that we can buy them in time.

    • Later we welcomed a visitor, Lorenza, looking to live and create in community. Oscar showed her around and discussed some possible collaborations with her. She might start teaching yoga and some workshops here at our event Shala.

    • As the day went on we were discussing different leadership roles that will be necessary to run the community.

    • Lorenza decided to stay the night so we prepared our first community dinnerrrr, which turned out super tasty.

    March 17 Sun

    • In the morning to prepare for our new members arriving we set up 2 more rooms for them to come home to.

    • Shortly after, Jessy and Chris, 2 guests that had come to the space for a ceremony kinda fell in love with the place. After Vivo had given them a tour they hung out for a bit and left considering coming back to live at the community mid to long-term later this summer. We’re in touch to stay up to date with one another.

    • Cembo and later Camera, Alex +2 friends arrived. The ones staying were shown to their rooms and everyone got a tour.

    • Then it was time for community dinner #2.

    • Due to a change of plans we had 6 more people arrive 5 days earlier than expected. We teamed up to get the beds needed ready, welcomed them and ended the night around our first community fire that Cembo had prepared earlier on.

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  • Vivo

    Page admin
    April 16, 2024 at 1:17 pm

    Week 12

    March 18 Mon

    • We kicked off the week with our first community meeting. Yesterday, in just one day our community doubled in size, so it’s important to assign the different roles and responsibilities now, to stay organized.

    • We organized two Biltzes, one to deep-clean the kitchen and the second to start raking the paths.

    • In the morning meeting Camera had voiced that due to her personal workload she wouldn’t be able to participate in the community as she would have liked to, and decided to stay in town for that time to focus on her stuff.

    • Dropping her off in town some errands were ran, eg. buying some tools to fix the dorm beds.

    • Some of us left in the evening to get different things done, the rest of us shared home cooked dinner.

    March 19 Tue

    • Started out with a dry toilet & raking blitz. We’re realizing raking is a lot for two people, and going to be continued tomorrow. It’s also been topic of discussion to outsource this task as it’s very time-consuming.

    • Midday co.working sesh in the dining area.

    • Kelseyfaith and Co. Sun Nation, and the Arhuaco left to find a special (Pagamiento) site to make a spiritual payment.

    • Ari, one of our kitchen leads arrived.

    • Oscar left to pick up Micheal and whoever wanted to, went to a Cenote close by together and enjoyed a couple hours swimming, snorkeling and catching up with old and new friends.

    • In the late afternoon we made our way into town, going to the gym, running errands, and enjoying the salsa night at one of the venues, food truck food and again conversation with friends, old and new.

    • Getting home we gathered in the kitchen planning the day ahead before heading to bed.

    March 20 Wed

    • Wednesdays start with Wednesday’s Check Ins. We check how everyone’s been doing with their assigned roles and tasks. This morning we also made a list with things we need done by today and got after it.

    • Oscar and Elliot moved mattresses so Sonia and Vivo could get more rooms ready, Alex and Cembo continued (and finished!!!) raking all paths, Ari started organizing the kitchen.

    • We shared a delicious lunch Ari prepared and Focus, our other Kitchen lead arrived, ready to be onboarded.

    • Oscar and Elliot headed out to run some errands in town, buy more pans to be able to cook for all the people we’d be (receiving) during Regen Week, buy wood to fix dorm beds etc.

    • Other’s continued with today’s checklist and/or co.worked on other/personal projects.

    • Two friends came to visit.

    • Another co.working afternoon/evening session.

    March 21 Thu

    • Morning sesh

    • Sun nation mission

    • Regen week kick off @radio tulum, talks and movie

    March 22 Fri

    • 9am meeting (picture of agenda)

    • Elliot & focus shop for kitchen

    • Co.working sesh

    • Lunch prep & communal lunch

    • Cleaning the Shala

    • Family outing to “regenerative frameworks”

    March 23 Sa

    • Organizing & filling the kitchen w/ new stuff

    • Everyone v much enjoying the dates

    • Setting up more lights to light up the paths @ night

    • Collectively dropping off dirty laundry

    • Tribalize, co.creating a work shop alongside Sam love

    • Vegan dinner and fire music circle @ixchel

    March 24 Su

    • A bunch of us went to town to do Tribalize and catch/fill the shuttles leaving to Green Dream for a Regenerative Development Land Tour, enjoying snacks, a cenote and closing with a relaxing Sound Journey.

    • Arriving at home we collectively prepared a late community dinner.

    • The full moon happened on 03/25, around 3am, so we gathered around the sacred fire birthing one of the community rituals, singing songs and sharing in accordance with the moon cycle, learning and connecting more deeply with community members.

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  • Vivo

    Page admin
    April 16, 2024 at 1:24 pm

    Week 13

    March 25 Mo

    • At night (full moon night lol) the power went out until later the next morning. Organizing around that we took measures (e.g. signage to keep the fridges closed and the food in it cool) to prevent collateral damage.

    • Another ride to town to pick up laundry and attend/support with Sun Nation’s event at Radio Tulum.

    March 26 Tu

    • At 9am we started preparing the space for the event Sun Nation was hosting at CLX, raking the common areas, cleaning the shala, and common dry toilets, some helping with the pancakes we planned to offer to guests at 11am..

    • 12-12.30 people started arriving.

    • 13-14 pancakes and mingle

    • After we cleaned up, worked/attended Regen Week events.

    • In the evening we had a fire with one of the Arhuaco elders, sharing wisdom from the heart of the world.

    March 27 Wed

    • Attended Camara’s amazing Masterminding Eden presentation @ Radio Tulum

    March 28 Thu

    • Community Lab Open Day

    • Prepping the event in the morning

    → raking

    → cleaning the shala

    → dining area

    → dry toilets

    → sacred sweat wood

    → hot and cold plunge warming and cooling

    • Hot and cold plunge

    • Sacred sweat

    • Lunch

    • Radical collab sharing circle

    • Cacao ceremony and tantric (?) dance

    March 29 Fri

    • Community Conference @Gardenia

    • Kuyabeh land tour

    March 30 Sa

    • Recycling run

    • Alex first ever PermaCultureParty @ Pura Tulum

    • Street Tacos for shared dinner, then ice cream for dessert

    • Stretching in the shala and gathering around the fire to end the night

    March 31 Su

    • girls had a girls day

    • Camara visited and possible stewardships were discussed

    • Boys started the jungle gym

    • Prepared and shared a community dinner

    • Possible summer guardians visited and stayed for dinner

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    • This reply was modified 1 month ago by  Vivo.
  • Vivo

    Page admin
    April 16, 2024 at 1:36 pm

    Week 15

    8/4 – Monday

    • Electrical system went down – Full upgrade initiated

    9/4 – Tuesday

    • Movement sesh in the shala

    • Some members moving cabins

    10/4 – Wednesday

    • Plant nursery for perma party

    • Running cables from source

    11/4 – Thursday

    • Community kambo sesh no.1

    • Sonia made delicious post Kambo lunch

    • Eliu comes for acro yoga

    • Running cables to community

    12/4 – Friday

    • Friday meeting

    • Boana visited

    • Printed member cards

    • Mapping out new electrical system

    • Kittens join the community

    13/4 – Saturday

    • Kels leaves

    • Community kambo sesh no.2

    • Chedraui run, street tacos

    14/4 – Sunday

    • Community open day prep: raking, clean shala, deep clean dry toilets, prepping dinner, fire pits for sacred fire, sacred sweat and hot’n’cold plunges, speaker run

    • Successful open day

  • Vivo

    Page admin
    April 16, 2024 at 1:49 pm

    Week 14

    1/4 Mo

    • Monday morning check in at 10am

    → how do we feel?

    → what needs to be done this week?

    make signage

    → organize and label sheet shelf

    → set up co.working

    → set up lounge

    → recurring tasks

    → who takes the lead for what?

    → community event planned for upcoming sunday

    • First workshop building on the Agent Training some residents completed in Jan/Feb

    → assessing where a project is at, gathering all their documentation

    • Daily tasks and

    2/4 Tu

    • Morning meeting

    → events and continuing the workshop, eg. organizing the weekly schedule

    • Went to town to do/

    → laundry

    → (grocery) shopping

    → pallets for composting and making the fire pit comfy

    • Community dinner

    • Nicole’s last night so we gathered for a stretching and appreciation circle and cuddle puddle

    3/4 Wed

    • Wednesday check in
      → how’s everyone following up on their tasks? Where do we need support?
      → continuation of the workshop

    • Daily tasks

    • sesh

    4/4 – Thu

    • Cleaned fire area

    • Camp prep for Kuyabeh team visit

    5/4 – Fri

    • Fire at the camp

    • Socialized in tulum

    6/4 – Sa

    • Fire follow up prevention

    • Group cooking

    7/4 – Sunday

  • Vivo

    Page admin
    April 23, 2024 at 5:14 pm

    Week 16

    15/4 – Monday

    • Cats to vet

    • Light check in

    • Open day reflections

    • Agent training scheduling

    • 2 possible kitchen leads came to check out the community and kitchen

    • Post PermaCulture Party, planting more native plants to attract pollinators

    • Family errands run -> pick up laundry, refill water, ice cream

    16/4 – Tuesday

    • Alex’ last day

    • Morning yoga

    • Morning check in

    • Possible kitchen lead couple stopped by again

    • Co.working sesh in the shala

    • Post PermaCulture Party, planting 2 of the 4 remaining plants and watering them good

    • Pasta Night

    • watching an episode of Ancient Civilizations on the concept of zero energy in ancient Egypt

    • Getting sucked into the new age National Geographic short video vortex on Youtube

    17/4 – Wednesday

    • Alex getting dropped off at the Ado stop

    • sesh

    • Town run to print signage, membercards, get laundry, look for a scooter

    • David, Ev, Tao + 2 dogs, and Good Will arrived

    • 4-7pm Capoeira/ Acro Yoga

    • First community dinner prepped by David

    • Delicious desert

    18/4 – Thursday

    • Morning check in

    • Community morning ice bath

    • Updating weekly schedule

    • Online order for community open day

    • sesh

    19/4 – friday

    • Prepared another morning cold bath

    • Cleaned the dining room

    • Morning cacao and breathwork/meditation with community members in the shala

    • Cem fractures his foot

    • Hospital and errands open day on sunday, eg. picking up the order

    • Cleaned the shala and raked some paths

    • Naomie visits

    • Community dinner & hangout

    20/4 Saturday

    • Morning check-in the shala w/ cacao

    • Covered recurring tasks -> make a weekly schedule

    • Checking up on kitties, sending belly pic to vet

    • Goodwill and Flo built the compost crate and clean the common dry toilets

    • Delicious dinner

    21/4 Sunday

    • Prep for open day volunteers

    • 12.15pm Alicia and Gabriela arrive

    • 12.45pm – 3pm open day prep

    • Hot and cold baths

    • Delicious dinner, desert and beautiful ecstatic dance

  • Oscar Regen Tribe 🔺

    Page admin
    April 23, 2024 at 10:43 pm

    Love catching up on what’s happening 😍😍😍

  • Vivo

    Page admin
    April 30, 2024 at 12:42 pm

    Week 17/52 – 2024

    22/4 Monday

    • Chill day

    • Will and Vivo go to tulum

    • Cem to workshop

    • Eve deep cleans the fridges

    • Eve and Vivo make the vegan, raw cake from the event

    • Alias comes over bringing more cake

    23/4 Tuesday

    • Yoga

    • Clean the shala

    • Prepare Sonia, Oscars, and Mom’s rooms

    • Make Solmana healing salve

    • (co.)work shesh

    24/4 – Wednesday –

    • Catch up community meeting with full community

    • Starting phase 2 – Optimize of the Regen Tribe alchemy process on community lab X –

    • Step 1 : Hone your vision.

    25/4 – Thursday –

    • Community Culture Canvas

    • Beach day – Caletah

    • Community dinner creation

    26/4 – Friday –

    • Will left – see you later brother.

    • Shopping run for groceries

    • Purchased material for new natural walls

    • Fixed mosquito net doors in shala.

    • New dry toilet station

    • Cleaned shared bathrooms

    • Adding privacy curtains to one of the cabins.

    • Sushi night!

    27/4 – saturday

    • Kitchen cleaning

    • Creating event calendar for month of may

    • Create kitchen experience plan, branding, invites

    • Accounting groceries & rent

    28/4 – Sunday

    • Cenote community day –

    • Community 101 intro and month plan.

    • Cenote at Mayan Blue

    • DInner at home

    • Fire

    • Sonia

      Page admin
      May 3, 2024 at 7:03 pm

      Having the best time here 🤍

      Grateful for the sense of community I feel

  • Vivo

    Page admin
    May 6, 2024 at 4:06 pm

    Week 18 Recap

    Monday, 29th April: Our week started with purpose as we gathered for our Monday morning meeting, aligning our goals for the days ahead. After a productive session of organization and heart space holding, we enjoyed a laid-back lunch and tended to our shared chores and garden. The day concluded with our favorite community activity, a shared dinner.

    Tuesday, 30th April: On Tuesday, we dove deep into the essence of our community, refining our culture canvas and discussing governance and agreements. From brainstorming sessions to signing agreements, we worked to make our community’s invisible structures visible. The day ended with a relaxed evening in the Shala, and of course, dinner.

    Wednesday, 1st May: Midweek brought us together over delightful morning treats and focused content creation. With bellies full and creativity flowing, we tackled daily tasks, co.worked and ended the day with an inspiring entrepreneur circle, fueling our ambitions.

    Thursday, 2nd May: Despite a temporary electricity hiccup, we navigated through discussions on community layout and business models, ensuring our vision remained clear. Balancing work with chores and errands, we went to town in search for internet and found it in a cafe where we stayed for some co.working. Embracing flexibility and collaboration, we wrapped up the day with a sense of accomplishment (and delicious dinner).

    Friday, 3rd May: Friday started with our weeks check-out meeting. Co.working, daily chores and maintenance, like fixing one of the fences were on the menu. Karim came to visit, and we ended the day with another shared dinner.

    Saturday, 4th May: Saturday was dedicated to our little ones, as we engaged in playful activities and educational sessions. The kids had a Temazcal, cacao masks, and were introduced to our sustainable systems, like the compost and our Hügel culture. A town run had to be made and we got some vegan tamales in town.

    Sunday, 5th May: As the week drew to a close, we found moments of tranquility amidst work preparations. Our hot and cold plunges were prepared and after we gathered for meals and dancing under the stars, celebrating another week of community life and community building.

    What’s one heartwarming moment from this week that highlighted the essence of our community for you and what would you like to cultivate in your own?

    Visible representation of this week will follow, stay tuned!

Welcome to the tribe of tribes