Reply To: 8. Design and Build Your Neighborhoods

  • Maïkan

    June 14, 2023 at 5:34 pm

    Hi Everyone<div>

    I was asked by Nicole to give you an outline of what I’ll talk with you about on today’s 2pm (Tulum time) call, on the topic of How To Build Structures. Stoked to do this with you today, thanks for creating the opportunity.

    How to Build Structures ~ for ReGen Tribe

    © 2023 Maïkan Bordeleau ~

    What I’m going to present today:

    1. What’s the vision?

    Function, features, beauty, environmental harmony, lifespan, community uses.

    2. Do you own or rent the site and the building-to-be?

    Financing, portability, landlord relations, neighbour relations, regulations.

    3. Prep

    Project manager, builders, supplies, tools, relationships with suppliers.

    4. Foundation and anchoring to frame

    Slab, footings, blocks, skids, trailer.

    5. Framing

    Concrete, wood, bamboo, SIP, cob, rammed earth.

    6. Getting to lockup

    Sheathing, doors/windows/skylights, waterproofing, roofing.

    7. Plumbing, electrical, gas, heat

    Design, rough-in, fixtures, added safety considerations.

    8. Other building envelope parts sometimes needed

    Siding, insulation, air gap, vapour barrier.

    9. Outfitting the interior

    Partitions, cabinetry, tiling, stone work.

    10. Maintaining your structure for safe beautiful durable and evolving function

    Questions are great along the way. Some I’ll address in the moment, some I’ll park until a few minutes later. Some we may not be able to get to. We can schedule a follow-up call in 2+ weeks if you like.

    Thanks for asking me, I love what you do & appreciate the people, all the personal qualities, skills brought, and impressive work so far.

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