Reply To: 9. Live In Your Dream Community and Curate Community Culture

  • Oscar Regen Tribe 🔺

    June 13, 2023 at 1:31 am

    Now that it’s built…

    Tools you plan to use to curate culture:

    Communication training (e.g. Non Violent Communication)

    Collaborative decision-making training

    Training is important as not everyone will have the same level of skills or a common language to start. Shared training also helps build community relationships.

    Vibe Check. You’ve described the community, but what is the vibe?


    Space activation plans / Events to curate that bring the target crowd

    Activate/mobilize your local community:

    Link best guides for this…

    • Workshops

    • Local cleanups

    • Show up to community events outside your community

    • Start a community garden

    • Planting actions, reforestation gathering

    • Seed exchange day and/or start a seed ban

    • Regenerative agriculture knowledge exchange day

    • Guerilla operations (seed bombing, painting cycling lanes on roads at nights, magical transformations under the cover of darkness

    • Garden / forestry workshops for schools and kindergarten

    • Regenerative festival Initiatives to raise awareness (eg. documentary screenings, talks, workshops, etc.

    • Working with traditional farmers to encourage transition to regenerative agriculture

    • cleanups

    Community Culture – make it underground, cool, word of mouth, get people to the property and have fun.

    Page 133 of the TDF guide

    “Employees” – volunteers, interns, paid staff, etc. What is the plan to keep people flowing into the community?

    Helping a temporary resident transition to a full-time one.

    Intergenerational training – identifying leaders of the next generation


    Plan for retirement or medical care for residents

    Infrastructure to add based on emerging needs?

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