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  • Oscar Regen Tribe 🔺

    May 24, 2023 at 7:25 pm

    Community Revenue

    How will the community sustain itself?

    Revenue Stream Projects

    Make a list.

    Rooms/houses to rent (short-term residents, guests)


    Consumables (eg. jam, kombucha, fragrant balms)

    Durables (jewelry, mycelium furniture)

    Services (coaching, hair salon)

    Events / Retreats / Festivals / Workshops / Ceremonies / Hackathons

    Carbon credits


    Tokens / NFTs

    Attractions – museum, ecological center

    Renting space

    Revenue Sharing

    How is the revenue shared from community activities?

    What is the expected revenue?

    A financial forecast done across five years.


    Accounting and Fund Management

    Traditional Accounting

    Double entry accounting

    Multi-value accounting

    Transparent Accounting

    Double entry accounting

    Multi-value accounting

    Collective management systems (eg. Open Collective)

    Triple entry accounting — double entry recorded on the blockchain

    Open Value Accounting

    Resources Events Agents accounting

    Open Value Network

    Beyond Accounting

    Full cost accounting — accounting for the planet


    New Earth Development P&L

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