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  • Oscar Regen Tribe 🔺

    May 24, 2023 at 7:24 pm

    Community Structures

    Include several statements here on building methods, land development practices, and any conservation goals.

    Wattle and daub

    Straw bale construction





    Green roofs

    Rammed earth brick

    1. Size of lots

    1. Building Methods / Types of Buildings

      1. Sourcing Methods for Building Materials

        1. Land Development Practices

          1. Conservation Goals

            1. Considerations for Land Regeneration

              1. Residential Buildings

                Write a list of the types of residential buildings your community has or would like to build. Specify the building method as well (i.e. earthship, cob, superadobe, geodesic dome, reclaimed materials, etc.)

                • Example – Cohousing Apartments

                • Example – Visitor Lodgings / Hotel

                • Example- Intriguing Alternative Structures: yurts/treehouses/domes

                • Example – Privately-owned sustainable homes, cabins, tiny houses

                • Example – Community-owned, rented homes

                Shared Facilities

                What are the shared facilities your community has or would like to build? What are the places for play and rest?

                • Example – Kitchen & Dining Hall or Restaurant

                • Example – Meeting Rooms and Coworking Spaces

                • Example – Art Studio, Woodshop, Makerspace

                • Example – Movement Shala

                • Example – Community Garden


                What are the community-owned businesses that will require a physical building and what type of building will that be? Will there be space for privately owned businesses to operate? Will you include coworking spaces?

                • Example – Organic Orchard

                • Example – Apothecary and Natural Cosmetics

                • Example – Coaching Services and Workshops

                • Example – Retreats / Events

                • Example – Farm to table restaurants


                Write a list of amenities that will be available. Specify which amenities will be available only to community residents, and which will also be available to visitors and the public.

                • Example – Swimming pools

                • Example – Yoga/dance studios

                • Example – Outdoor showers

                • Example – Outside sitting areas

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