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  • Oscar Regen Tribe 🔺

    May 24, 2023 at 7:20 pm

    Private vs. Public (Community & the Individual)


    Make decisions about how much is privately versus communally owned or paid for:

    • Expenses

    • Food

    • Utilities (water, gas)

    • Maintenance

    • Infrastructure investment

  • Space

    • Communal areas

    • Private areas

    • Who is entitled to private ownership?

  • Assets

    • Tools

    • Vehicles

    • Natural geographic features

    • Natural resources

    Private Space/Time

    How does your community design for private space and individual downtime?

    Guest and Public Areas/Amenities

    • Identify which spaces/services are open/free to all, regardless of membership status.

    • Identify which spaces/services are available for guests to use, based on their stay at the community

    Community Areas/Amenities

    • Identify which spaces/services are only open to community members

    • Which spaces are available to all members, which spaces are available only to some?

    Permanent Resident Areas/Amenities

    • Identify which spaces/services are private and require the permission of the individual to enter or use.

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