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  • Deleted User

    April 4, 2023 at 8:53 am

    Ya, i admire the leadership ability of a core duo (or primary partnership/founding-team) of most eco-developments to initially lay the groundwork for getting things ‘done’ (ie. started up), have their employees & management systems, plus have their own sub-system(s) implemented to for ‘residential inclusiveness’.

    But apart from needing money for start-up, this type of community model also still entails sufficient $money for buy-in, though not at the ‘socialite level of expenditures’.

    It still comes across to me like the tried-&-true method of buying a pre-built product – just like from any other Real Estate developer (or I guess, anyone in any other business, community, project – unless the member gets hired & given ‘sweat equity’).

    An interesting ‘mindfk of possibilities’ for me has been when i observe & consider the burgeoning notions of ‘decentralized communities’ (crypto-hype notwithstanding) & how they work together to create products & experiences that the members actually want…

    … while participants (filtered applicants) get to buy-in at a lower price point & WITHOUT things being & becoming a total clusterfk 😆


    Someone had to buy the lands upfront (&/or get it handed to them via donation or partnership) but. O_O*

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