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  • Oscar Regen Tribe 🔺

    March 31, 2023 at 9:14 pm

    2. Mission Statement

    Write a 1-4 sentence statement that summarizes the core of your project’s mission. Like a compass, this will help guide your core team when making decisions – preserving the essence of the community over time – and also communicate outwardly who you are to potential members, investors, collaborators, and visitors.

    There is an abundance of online resources that can help you clarify the exact components of your mission statement and get inspiration, but you want to ask yourself some fundamental questions: What does your project/community do? How does it do it? And why?

    Here are example mission statements from communities:

    Cosmic Sol: “Cosmic Sol’s ongoing mission is to grow food using regenerative and self-sufficient methods for the good of the planet and for the good of the people. Cosmic Sol is a sanctuary for healing and self-expression using arts, naturopathy, and play.”

    Meadowdance Community: “We are an egalitarian, child-centered community that welcomes human diversity, ecological sensibility, mutual learning, and joy.”

    Project Mission Statement:

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