4. Plan Your Community & Business

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    May 24, 2023 at 7:17 pm


  • Oscar Regen Tribe πŸ”Ί

    May 24, 2023 at 7:17 pm

    Design Lenses

    Permaculture Zoning

    We can also add a Zone 6 to the usual 5 permaculture zones: the internet! That’s where you go to find knowledge, strategies, and solution you can use in the other zones



    Digital nomad, entrepreneur, social impact, self sustaining, food growth, human connection, personal health well being,

    • Co work space

    • Sustainable systems

    • Garden

    • Ice bath

    • Body of water

    • Martial arts/ dance room

    • Distinction between long term and short term areas and housing

    • Transportation infrastructure

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    May 24, 2023 at 7:18 pm

    Community Details


    Identify details about the location or possible location(s). If you are still in the search for a property, list the features you are looking for.

    • Feature 1 Temperature , water bodies, mountains

    • Feature 2

    • Etc.

    Size of the Community

    Decide the number of community members you would like to aim for. Outline the size of the community/property needed to uphold the number of people, facilities, and land use.

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    May 24, 2023 at 7:20 pm

    Private vs. Public (Community & the Individual)


    Make decisions about how much is privately versus communally owned or paid for:

    • Expenses

    • Food

    • Utilities (water, gas)

    • Maintenance

    • Infrastructure investment

  • Space

    • Communal areas

    • Private areas

    • Who is entitled to private ownership?

  • Assets

    • Tools

    • Vehicles

    • Natural geographic features

    • Natural resources

    Private Space/Time

    How does your community design for private space and individual downtime?

    Guest and Public Areas/Amenities

    • Identify which spaces/services are open/free to all, regardless of membership status.

    • Identify which spaces/services are available for guests to use, based on their stay at the community

    Community Areas/Amenities

    • Identify which spaces/services are only open to community members

    • Which spaces are available to all members, which spaces are available only to some?

    Permanent Resident Areas/Amenities

    • Identify which spaces/services are private and require the permission of the individual to enter or use.

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    May 24, 2023 at 7:23 pm

    Community Activities & Culture

    What will the daily community activities look like?


    How does the community pursue its daily education? What does that look like for people of all ages?

    Business Activities

    What are the daily business activities that the community participates in?

    Event Types

    What types of events are open to the public? What kinds of events does the community want to host?


    These are the daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal rituals that your community practices to nurture itself. What are the repeated rituals that serve as the cultural glue for your community? (i.e. daily meditation at 7am, weekly community meetings, monthly events, and seasonal celebrations)

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

    • Seasonal


    What are the main attractions of the community? Geographical wonders, special services/products, curated experiences, educational opportunities, etc.?

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    May 24, 2023 at 7:24 pm

    Community Structures

    Include several statements here on building methods, land development practices, and any conservation goals.

    Wattle and daub

    Straw bale construction





    Green roofs

    Rammed earth brick

    1. Size of lots

    1. Building Methods / Types of Buildings

      1. Sourcing Methods for Building Materials

        1. Land Development Practices

          1. Conservation Goals

            1. Considerations for Land Regeneration

              1. Residential Buildings

                Write a list of the types of residential buildings your community has or would like to build. Specify the building method as well (i.e. earthship, cob, superadobe, geodesic dome, reclaimed materials, etc.)

                • Example – Cohousing Apartments

                • Example – Visitor Lodgings / Hotel

                • Example- Intriguing Alternative Structures: yurts/treehouses/domes

                • Example – Privately-owned sustainable homes, cabins, tiny houses

                • Example – Community-owned, rented homes

                Shared Facilities

                What are the shared facilities your community has or would like to build? What are the places for play and rest?

                • Example – Kitchen & Dining Hall or Restaurant

                • Example – Meeting Rooms and Coworking Spaces

                • Example – Art Studio, Woodshop, Makerspace

                • Example – Movement Shala

                • Example – Community Garden


                What are the community-owned businesses that will require a physical building and what type of building will that be? Will there be space for privately owned businesses to operate? Will you include coworking spaces?

                • Example – Organic Orchard

                • Example – Apothecary and Natural Cosmetics

                • Example – Coaching Services and Workshops

                • Example – Retreats / Events

                • Example – Farm to table restaurants


                Write a list of amenities that will be available. Specify which amenities will be available only to community residents, and which will also be available to visitors and the public.

                • Example – Swimming pools

                • Example – Yoga/dance studios

                • Example – Outdoor showers

                • Example – Outside sitting areas

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                May 24, 2023 at 7:24 pm


                Basic envisioning of transportation network within the community

                Design for accessibility for elderly and the physically challenged.

                Creative transportation (ziplines, gondolas)

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                May 24, 2023 at 7:24 pm

                Miscellaneous Community Features

                Write a shorthand list of every feature to include in your community. This can include man made and natural amenities, as well as other activities not covered above.

                • Example – Butterfly or Dog Sanctuary

                • Example –

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                May 24, 2023 at 7:25 pm

                Community Revenue

                How will the community sustain itself?

                Revenue Stream Projects

                Make a list.

                Rooms/houses to rent (short-term residents, guests)


                Consumables (eg. jam, kombucha, fragrant balms)

                Durables (jewelry, mycelium furniture)

                Services (coaching, hair salon)

                Events / Retreats / Festivals / Workshops / Ceremonies / Hackathons

                Carbon credits


                Tokens / NFTs

                Attractions – museum, ecological center

                Renting space

                Revenue Sharing

                How is the revenue shared from community activities?

                What is the expected revenue?

                A financial forecast done across five years.


                Accounting and Fund Management

                Traditional Accounting

                Double entry accounting

                Multi-value accounting

                Transparent Accounting

                Double entry accounting

                Multi-value accounting

                Collective management systems (eg. Open Collective)

                Triple entry accounting — double entry recorded on the blockchain

                Open Value Accounting

                Resources Events Agents accounting

                Open Value Network

                Beyond Accounting

                Full cost accounting — accounting for the planet


                New Earth Development P&L

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                May 24, 2023 at 7:25 pm

                ExpensesWhat is the cost of building maintenance?

                Assess the cost of maintenance for each project, structure, facility, etc. This is best done by investigating professional quotes from contractors, as well as the average cost of maintaining a similar structure.

                Business Plan

                No matter what business plan structure you use, make sure to answer the following key points about the unique offer of your community:

                • Problem — what is the pain point that you want to address?

                • Solution — what is your idea?

                • Why now?

                • Why you?

                • Demand creation — how will you promote and sell your idea?

                • Market — how big could this be if it works?

                • Competition — who are they and how are you different?

                • Knowable risks — what are 50 possible risks and how are you going to

                • mitigate them?

                • Unknown risks — what are the sorts of risks that you could have trouble

                • imagining?

                • Financing — how are you going to break even?

                • Exit — how can the investors and community get off when they choose to?

              6. Welcome to the tribe of tribes