10. Create and review Holistic Ecosystems

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    July 8, 2023 at 7:34 am

    High Level AssessmentHere are some high level questions to ask in order to assess the health of the community and its impact on the surrounding area. This Holistic Community Ecosystem Assessment refers to the cultural ecosystems as well as the biological ecosystem. This is your Impact Assessment.

    What is holistic ecosystem management for? Your community is built and you are trying to refine and improve your success and impact as a community. These assessments will be broken down into 4 ecosystets – internal community health, local community impact, societal integration, and overall regenerative integrity.

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    July 8, 2023 at 7:36 am

    Internal Community Health

    • What are the systems for accountability to the community ideals?
    • Managing tasks and roles? Missing anything? Time to add more or different systems/tools/communication styles?
    • Avoiding hierarchy, nepotism, and power struggles.
    • Assessing community member happiness

    • Level of turnover in staff, volunteers, members, residents, etc. How long on average each one stays

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    July 8, 2023 at 7:36 am

    Local Community Impact

    • How are we integrating indigenous wisdom and nearby communities / locals?
    • Activism
    • Accessibility
    • Community relationships/partnerships – how many organizations are we collaborating with?

    • How many regenerative communities do we actively communicate with?

    • Are we too focused on our own community to participate in local relationships?

    • What is the amount of land/resources we have conserved?

    Interdependence with local communities:

    • Build inter-village infrastructure

    • Exchange and/or share resources

    • Build alliances

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    July 8, 2023 at 7:37 am

    Societal Integration

    • What is our level of participation in the world at large?

    • Politics

    • Insular?

    • Do we take a stand on particular issues? Do we host foster children, refugees, etc?

    • Integrating technologies

    • Adapting to world events

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    July 8, 2023 at 7:37 am

    Overall Regenerative Integrity

    • How can we do it better/more efficiently?
    • What have we learned in the process and can retroactively apply?
    • How are we giving back to nature? Are we as sustainable as we originally wanted to be? Reassess goals.
    • Are we stagnating?

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    Logistics vs. Culture

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    Intergenerational Leadership

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    Catalyzer in person workshops – 2022 – Ecosystem

    The components of a regenerative community.

    • Village functionality

    • Structural – Housing, roads,

    • Tools and technologies to organize and operate the as

    • Define Transport in community

    Pre construction

    1. Why – are we doing this

    2. How – do we come across

    3. What – do we do – tasks

    4. Who – will do it?

    First constriction

    1. Living space for initial team

    2. Kitchen

    3. Systems

    First construction for the community collective –

    1. Housing

    2. Shared space

    3. Central house = incubator : Regen Tribe

    Secondary construction –

    1. Make multiple pools

    2. Conscecion – Human agreement to use and be in charge of the land.

    Sovereignty – micronation materials
    Examples of micronations https://www.fodors.com/news/photos/these-micronations-arent-countries-but-theyre-some-of-the-most-fascinating-places-on-earth

    Steps to create micronation https://www.workandmoney.com/s/start-micronation-3d17a9033952403d

    Sociocracy general


    • Economy

    • Commerce and trade

    Income source for the community.

    • Hospitality, Experiences, food, markets, entertainment,

    • DAOs to hold the money and vote on its use.

    • Environment – Now that our community is built, we must be mindful of observing our habitat

    • Water, land, animals stewardship

  • Sustainable systems – food, water, energy,

  • Social

    • How do we handle disagreements ,

    • Non violent communication, conflict resolution, psychological safety

  • Organizational dynamics ecosystem

    • Strategy structure leadership culture

    • Set Up a strategy, any strategy

    • If it works, keep going. If not, Change it with a new strategy.

  • Clarified expectations, Clear communication.

    • Technician – does work , Management -coordinates work , Entrepreneur – finds work

    • Local / Indegenous Ecosystem –

    • How to share with them what we are bringing.

    • Ask them what they want first

    • Are you sure – follow up

  • Fractional Ownership – fractional participation

  • Bring in the community

    • Like whole foods

  • The interior / self ecosystem

    • Do not externalize

    • Tools for self growth

    • Auto responsabilidad

    • Communication with self and each other.

    • Dyzugi tree cutting method – japanese

    • Menonitas – amish community

    • Community societal creation – Procasur – @-

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