The Heart of the Endeavor (Placemaking Questions to Answer)

  • The Heart of the Endeavor (Placemaking Questions to Answer)

    Posted by Nicole on November 13, 2023 at 3:09 am

    Location isn’t just about coordinates on a map. It’s the heart of our endeavor, the physical space where your shared dreams will manifest. The right land isn’t merely about size or topography; it embodies the potential of your vision.

    Placemaking questions:

    What is the type of relationship you want with the land you want to steward and call home?

    How does this land need to support me and how can I support it?

    What is the legacy I want to leave on this land for future generations?

    Resources and Literature to Guide You:

    • Browse this Goodreads Reading List for Placemaking

    • Placemaking: The Art and Practice of Building Communities, by Lynda H. Schneekloth

    • The Great Neighborhood Book: A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Placemaking, by Jay Walljasper

    • Creative Placemaking: Research, Theory and Practice, by Cara Courage

    • If Trees Could Talk: Life Lessons from the Wisdom of the Woods, by Holly Worton

    • The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate, by Peter Wohlleben

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