Community & the Individual

  • Community & the Individual

    Posted by Nicole on November 7, 2023 at 2:39 am

    An often overlooked but key part of community design is deciding where on the spectrum your community sits between public to private, shared to personal, and collective to individual.


    Make decisions about how much is privately versus communally owned or paid for:

    • Expenses

    • Food

    • Utilities (water, gas)

    • Maintenance

    • Infrastructure investment

  • Space

    • Communal areas

    • Private areas

    • Who is entitled to private ownership?

  • Assets

    • Tools

    • Vehicles

    • Natural geographic features

    • Natural resources

    Private Space/Time

    How does your community design for private space and individual downtime?

    Private vs. Public

    • Public assets

    • Public spaces

    • Distinction between long term and short term areas and housing

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