Reply To: Written Agreements (Bylaws)

  • Deleted User

    January 20, 2024 at 1:17 am

    Haha i spent the last month spewing into a document & cleaning it up – sorta bylaws, sorta just technical spew… I can barely remember what’s in it, just to sort out my thoughts.

    It all comes down to: every community is really a business. The organizational structure can be co-operative, or whatever… but there’s always a power hierarchy that one can choose to play into/with or not to participate at all. Same as with Blockchain – every single one of it is a business, no matter how they position it.

    Nothing is really a Tribe unless you live off the land & have no need for outside commerce.

    The La Tierra OS is a bit much for me. Lol. Sorry, it’s not made for my hardware, nor do I have the ability/desire to ‘upgrade’…

    This one’s cool

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