Social Outlook — Onboarding Process

  • Social Outlook — Onboarding Process

    Posted by Nicole on October 23, 2023 at 3:18 pm

    Onboarding Process

    What ways can you bring diversity into your community while maintaining alignment with its core essence?

    Communities often have formal approaches, and at the same time they just feel it out. Individuals experience a gradual welcoming into deeper roles and responsibilities based on how much they show up and invest in the community’s maintenance and growth.

    Example Onboarding Processes:

    • Visits – length of minimum stay determined by community

    • Work Trades

    • Internships

    • Guest stays for a minimum time until they can become community members

  • Community Interviews the Individual*

    • Create written agreements/present community agreements

    • Include provisions return of investment

  • Community Vote

  • Membership fees/initial investment

  • Your onboarding process:

    Do you want to include a formal review process of new members? How often?

    Examples :

    1. Go on a trip together

    2. Live together for a month

    3. Go on a boat for 15 days and see who can stay together

    4. Live together before building community together

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