Social Outlook — Offboarding Process

  • Social Outlook — Offboarding Process

    Posted by Nicole on October 23, 2023 at 3:20 pm

    Offboarding Process

    What rights does the community have over members who do not keep their side of agreements?

    Example Onboarding Processes:

    • Review after a set amount of time if community members are fulfilling their agreements, complete a formal review

    • Implement a warning system

    • Community Outerviews

    • Community Vote

    • Investments

    How to say goodbye to people:

    • Have clear rules about what behavior will cause you to be dismissed from the community.

    • (Optional) Enact a warning system.

    • Make sure it is a community consensus and involve community residents in the decision process.

    • Call a meeting to discuss the possibility. Give the person a chance to express their side.

    • Have an “exit interview” to gather information about what the community might do better in the future, and suggestions for the individual’s growth.

    Figure out which activities merit a goodbye.

    Make these considerations:

    – Old age, mental health, or inability to participate

    – Death and bankruptcy

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