Social Outlook — Inclusivity Agreements

  • Social Outlook — Inclusivity Agreements

    Posted by Nicole on October 23, 2023 at 3:22 pm

    Inclusivity Agreements

    Use this space to create a manifesto of sorts about your community’s accessibility and inclusivity. How will you consider these aspects when planning your community? Replace this block of text with your summary statement of your group’s general beliefs about inclusivity, then collectively answer the following questions.

    How do you make your space inclusive to all people? Consider the attitudes – and the specific practices that uphold them – to include people of differing age, physical/mental ability, race, income level, gender nonconformity, and neurodiversity.

    • Age

    • Example practice

  • Physical Ability

    • Example practice

  • Mental Ability

    • Example practice

  • Race

    • Example practice

  • Income Level

    • Example practice

  • Gender Nonconformity

    • Example practice

  • Neurodiversity

    • Example practice

    How do you identify blind spots when it comes to creating true inclusivity? What processes will you put in place to uphold inclusivity?


    How does your community respect the local indigenous communities (past and present), honor their existence, and include them in community participation?

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