Governance Structure(s)

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    Governance Structure(s)

    The community should establish a clear system for decision making, including the roles and responsibilities of different members, and the processes for addressing conflicts and disputes.

    How we set our agreements:

    How we change our agreements:

    Who gets to participate in the decision making process?

    Ways someone could earn decision-making power:

    • Being a (co)founder

    • Community Membership

    • Fees or Contributions

  • Financial Investment

  • Sweat equity – doing work

  • “Showing up” – being consistently present/engaged

  • Proof of stake in the project (local people, organizations, or governments)

  • How does someone earn decision-making power in your community?

    Here are some alternative governance methods to explore so that you can choose the most appropriate and inclusive approach. Write your group’s thoughts about each method, and perhaps research each one to pick one to consider for the next section.

    • Holacracy

    • Gaianet

  • Sociocracy

  • Consensus-building

  • DisCO (Distributed Cooperative Organization)

  • DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

  • Liquid Delegation

  • Quadratic Voting

  • How will the group make decisions?

    Use these softwares:

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