Screening Process for New Community Members

  • Screening Process for New Community Members

    Posted by Nicole on October 23, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    Before you develop an onboarding process to your community (which is more appropriate at a later stage) you must decide how you screen for potential co-founders, early community members, and investors.

    Step 1 Make a list of non-negotiables

    Step 2 Gauge their interest

    Step 3 Meet casually

    Step 4 Meet in-person

    Step 5 Test out with a light commitment

    Step 6 Welcome community members to deeper levels of responsibility and commitment

    Examples of screening processes:

    * live here and then spend 1 month somewhere else before deciding that you really want to live here

    * names for the levels of community members based on time (seed, bud, blossom, oak)

    * spend 6 months trial onsite and then you can apply to become a permanent resident

    * the community decides as a whole when to accept new members

    What are some screening processes that you know of?

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