What is your community type?

  • What is your community type?

    Posted by Nicole on September 20, 2023 at 9:53 am

    Community Type

    Your community may be one or more of the following types. These types are essentially the basis of what your community is. Further along you will explore living arrangements, income models, and so on. Feel free to add relevant types that may not be listed.

    • Residential Community

    • Digital Nomad Community

    • Farm / Permaculture Center

    • Wellness / Retreat Center

    • Spiritual Community

    • Artist / Maker’s Collective

    • Innovation and Alternative Education Center

    • Homesteading / Traditional Living Community

    • Plant Medicine Community

    • Indigenous / Ethnicity-Based Community

    • Lifestyle Community (i.e. diet, waste reduction, etc.)

    • Conservation Project

    • Caravan

    What type(s) of community are you building?

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