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Apr 1

Village Mastermind

April 1 - April 29

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Village Mastermind 2024



There are already many emerging startup community projects. Even a small amount of support can determine whether they are successful and establish as long-term communities, or fall apart in the first 3 years. 



A world class master course that covers the foundational topics of designing a regenerative community with premier teachers, comprehensive curriculum, unique programming, and extensive templates.


It is a transformative, hands-on learning experience that focuses on practical application and action over theory in order to accelerate a village builder’s journey towards an established, thriving community. The course is also crafted to be training as part of a vocational school, supporting careers in regenerative neighborhood consulting and development.


Where: Tulum, Mexico

When: April 1-30th



The production and facilitation team includes Nicole Reese (Regen Tribe and Terrenity), Nico Alcala (re:build and Design Science Studio), Joshua Smith (BIOM and Lightsmith Design), and Ines Castagnet (Global Ecovillage Network)


The course welcomes vision holders, village founder teams, landowners, people with existing projects (hotels, retreat centers, etc.) they want to transform into a community, and people who want to certify to become a consultant in regenerative neighborhood building.




  • Presentations from teachers (virtual and in-person)
  • Workshops and hands-on experiences
  • Onsite practical application of concepts
  • Collective and 1-on-1 troubleshooting for your project
  • Networking connection exercises between community founders, potential community members, investors, potential  co-founders, land owners, clients, and service providers.
  • Onsite and offsite land tours of communities
  • Lessons learned, interviews, and Q&A sessions with successful village builders and relevant specialists


Curriculum Structure & Proposed Teachers/Specialists:


  1. Hone Your Community Vision
    1. Nico & Nicole
    2. Regen Tribe
  2. Recruit Your Ideal Members
    1. Steven Brooks
    2. Gabby from Momentom Collective
    3. James Erlich (virtual class on pre-signups)
    4. Diane Leafe Christiansen (virtual)
    5. Cohere
  3. Align with Group Agreements & Governance
    1. Gaianet
    2. Hypha
    3. Traditional Dream Factory
    4. Vertikal Digital
  4. Design Your Community & Income Models
    1. Nico (la tierra)
    2. Anton Chernikov (Selgars)
    3. Inphinity Design
    4. Ed Zaydelman
  5. Acquire the Best Land for Your Needs
    1. Jaymie and Shelby from Live the Offgrid Dream
    2. Project Kamp Portugal
  6. Strategize Your Marketing & Funding
    1. Joshua Smith BIOM
    2. Sam Delesque – Closer & Oasa
    3. Euvie – Future Thinkers
  7. Master Plan Your Sustainable Systems and Community Layout
    1. Jo Petroni – Permarchitecture
    2. Erick Maass
    3. Eric Amyot – Oliizoi
    4. Auroville
    5. Luther from Ocho
  8. Construct Your Physical Infrastructure
    1. Kareen – Enchantents
    2. Jean-Marc La Flamme – Geoship
    3. Superadobe Delanait
    4. Diego Zamora – Ekumal
    5. Fernando – Architect from Azulik
    6. Elliot – Futur Modular Building
    7. Earthship Academy
    8. Pablo Luna
  9. Activate Community Culture
    1. Regen Tribe
    2. Cabin DAO
  10. Create and Manage Holistic Community Ecosystems
    1. Sante/Jasper Revillager App
    2. Naima from Conscious Coliving


The Program Elements


  • 5-days a week, 6 hours a day, weekends off
    • 120 hours to certify
  • Creative social breakouts, co.created activities
    • Holistic community bonding experiences
    • Spontaneous activities
    • Social outings
  • Daily wellness practices
    • Morning yoga/stretching & meditation
    • Wholesome food
    • Bio breaks between sessions
  • Site visits to local communities
  • A big final event to showcase the incubated projects



This course focuses on getting community land projects investor-ready, market-ready, and community-ready. 


Main Deliverables:

Participants will be guided through the process of making:

  • A custom pitch deck
  • Pre-Masterplan
  • P&L


Participants will receive:

  • Templates
    • Pitch deck templates
    • P&L template
    • Legal Agreements & Formats templates
    • Business plan template
    • Vision document template
    • Org chart template
    • Culture Canvas template
    • Bylaws and Community Agreements
    • Social Media Templates for community growth
    • Community Member Onboarding/Offboarding Processes
  • Checklists
    • Legal requirements checklist
    • Land/site assessment checklist
    • Investor-ready checklist
  • Strategies
    • Community member recruitment
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • Fundraising
    • Building
    • Maintaining
  • Examples
    • Master Plan examples
    • Pitch deck examples
    • Website examples
    • Community Member Onboarding/Offboarding Processes


  • Participants who sign on as an agent and complete additional trainings onsite will receive certification and a physical passport as a village building consultant.


Provided Resources


  • Community Alchemy Guide workbook ( a step-by-step community creation process )
  • Community Design Packet
  • Community Agreements Templates
  • Practical experience of the tools (i.e. agreements, masterplanning, etc.)
  • Instructional videos



April 1
April 29
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